Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

So as I look back at my blog posts for the year of 2010, since it will end in just a few short hours. I've realized several things:
We're only on the letter L, we started on the letter A back in January of this year. Being that he's a boy and he's somehow stuck on letter B, I'm kind of taking it easy with this project- but I'm expecting to finish the rest of the alphabet by the time 2012 rolls around! Our wall for our letters is rather small, so I can only put up 4 letters at a time, then take them down, then do it all again... it's fun to see how it grows. Christopher likes to show daddy what he's made when Roy gets home from work. Right now the letters on the wall are: H, I, J, K, and L hasn't made it up there yet! So somethings you might see on my letter wall right now are Helicopter, House (He thinks it's Bob the Builder's house) Ice Cream Cone, Igloo, Jaguar from Diego, Kangaroo, and I have yet to put up his Lions- there's a mommy lion and a daddy lion.We

We've had a fun year, with plenty of times to go to the library story-time, NEST, and try to to do (usually without much success)  No TV Tuesdays!

So for next year we need to have some goals:
+ Re-try potty training with the end goal in mind (No more Diapers!)
+ Stick with the No TV on Tuesdays, no matter how much he wants to 'watch'
+ Get out and walk/ exercise- this is for both of us because he has energy and I have weight I'd like to loose!
+ Finish the alphabet, which shouldn't be to hard since somehow we breezed through the letters H-L since September when I stopped working

Taken in January 2010

He sure is growing up fast and I can't believe it was 3 years ago at this time of year when I was about ready to pop! He is the joy of my life and sometimes he's a drama king, but we love him anyway, we wouldn't trade him for the world- he's our son!

Taken in December 2010

Here's to a super-duper, God-filled 2011! Happy New Year!


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