Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dear Friends and family,

We wanted to announce it all at one time, but since we can't, because you are all so spread out - here is the news.

We are pregnant! 

Here I am at about 9 weeks. It'll be fun to see the transformation! 
I had just found out, and I thought I was about 8 weeks along. 

That's right, baby Number 2 will arrive sometime in early June 2014. Our Kindergartner will be 6 by then, and finished with Kindergarten! Onto new and better things in 1st grade! The good thing about having a baby in the summer is that we can get into some sort of routine before school starts in September.

Here I am at about 12 1/2 weeks. 
In a maternity dress - that makes me look pregnant. 

For those of you that don't know, I had a miscarriage in May of 2013, so I was supposed to have that one in December 2013. But that would mean bundling up the little one every morning plus the older one and taking him to school. This was not to be, as the baby was only 5 weeks along when I lost it.

At the time of this writing, November 22, 2013 I have seen my first ultra-sound images of this new little one moving, kicking and waving at mom and dad. Baby is measuring at 12 weeks, a week further than we thought, so I'm already 1/3 of the way through my pregnancy.  Exciting!

First baby photos! November 21st, 2013. 
The last photo looks like baby is giving us the 'thumbs up' sign. 

Our biggest challenge was to wait to tell people - especially me, because I have a 'big' mouth, and tend not to keep secrets very easily. I've told one person, besides hubby, but only because her due date is really close to mine - we are like a week apart, plus it helps that this is her 4th go-around, and only my 2nd. Plus having CJ over 5 years ago, it's hard to remember. But us gals are going through the same thing at the same time. Morning sickness (sometimes in the evening), doctor visits, this should be fun. She just wants me to tell everyone because she is so excited for us. But we told people early last time, and unfortunately lost that little one. Jesus holds that little one in his arms know, I know this.

With my first pregnancy it was so easy, during the 9 months I was pregnant with CJ, I glowed the entire time, or so I was told by the sweet older ladies at church, I threw up a total of one time. Delivery was pretty easy as well, I was induced at about 8am in the morning, took a hot tub bath and my water broke at 12:30pm, and little man was in my arms by 3pm. I make it sound easy, but that is the most pain I have ever felt throughout my entire body, it was also the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but so worth it. CJ was born on January 10th, 2008 at 2:56pm weighing 5lbs 10oz. He was small, and 9 days early because of my blood pressure being elevated, but none of the doctors or nurses ever used the word premature with him, although he did fit into premie clothing! He's a fine 5 year old boy now, he loves to be active, play with his friends, loves his LEGOs, and weighs around 50 lbs. and is the same height as his classmates. He's in the orange.

Kindergarten field trip to a local pumpkin patch. 

For Thanksgiving we will be going up to Minnesota to see my family, although I'm grateful we live close to my mother-in-law - plus she loves babies! Who doesn't? So for the Minnesota crew, we have decided to get a white t-shirt for CJ and paint on there or use markers or iron on letters. I better get on this, we leave in less than a week! But the shirt will essentially say: Only Child Expiring in June 2014.
Not sure if the 'Only Child Expiring' will be on the front and the 'June 2014' will be on the back or just keep it simple and all on the front.

We are excited and nervous about this new little blessing added to our family. Nervous because we know babies cost money, and that's not something we have a lot of right now. But we do have lots of love to share!

Thank you all for supporting us in the future, with your love or donations of used baby equipment, clothing, etc. I have gotten rid of almost all of my baby clothing, and some of the equipment- I've kept the good- stuff, though! Except the crib, there was a need in our church, so we gave it away to another couple who was expecting.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Iron Man

Iron Man has invaded our house. Or something like that. 

I picked up an Iron Man costume at Aldi's last week for under $20.00. Hubby asked 'Do you really want to spend that much?' I said 'Yes, because it would be more at Target.'  
I have previously made or designed his costumes, but this is the first Halloween that (he'll remember) 
that mommy is working outside the home. 

It was just a simple costume, but my husband decided the glow in the dark circle for the center piece was just not enough. Good thing hubby is a handyman. He can fix almost anything around the house, and if he doesn't know how he'll go figure it out from YouTube. He did that in this case. Wiring LED and connecting things to switches and resistors was a little above his knowledge, but not out of reach. 

The battery pack is a pill bottle, stuffed in my son's back pocket. It has wires going into the cap, and a switch on the bottom. The wires are mostly old telephone cables. 

The gloves were gloves we had laying around, I guess we'll have to get him another red pair for winter. Oh well. It's all in the name of fun! 

I'm not sure how much he spent on his project - and it took him about a week to do, but only because he's still looking for employment. Took up the dining room table all week. Oh well. 

Oh yeah, the light up one at Target? 

Hubby worked hard to finish it today, Friday. 
Now my son will be ready for Super Hero day on Monday for his school's spirit week! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Work

I've been a busy gal: 

For the upcoming History Walk for Main Street Ottumwa.....

A poster design for Margaritas for Main, a fundraising event for Main Street Ottumwa... 

The latest poster design, I can not claim the logo, though - hopefully we can work on that next year. 

I've been busy doing some side jobs for some great companies and organizations - 
Here's a photo: 

Yup. I did that. Okay, with a little help from WordPress. 

Oh yeah, and a few of the designs above were even featured  on a local news channel. 
See the video and read the news story on KTVO.

This is my life. Designing. Creating. Being awesome. 

Now if hubby can just get a job that pays good and has benefits. 
That's not to much to ask, is it? 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer 2013

This summer has been, well, interesting.

Since hubby lost his job in February, and with little possibility of getting called back from his previous company. He has been employed full- time as a stay at home dad!
After saying goodbye to an old friend in Missouri at a celebration service for Brother Danny. 

Fourth of July in What Cheer, Iowa. This kid loves his tractors! 

Central Park Cinema was a big hit- as were the popsicle from the firefighters! 

Daddy spent some time in the hospital- this was not so much fun. :( Neither is the doctor bill that accompanied said trip to the hospital. But we got great care by going to a hospital the next town to the South of us! 

Being a cowboy at Vacation Bible School. 

The first tick of the season landed on him! Yikes! 

Lunch in the Park was a big hit as well! Fridays in Central Park, when the weather was nice! 

Listening and watching The Crushers at Live After Five in Central Park! 

He sees a juggler dude at Live After Five. 

Riding a pony at a local church! 

Always fun times with his friend, Q! 

Life decisions in the game of Life, having a little help from dad. 

Central Park Cinema, Saturday nights. 

He got serious about drawing. Seriously. 

Driving in a tractor cab at the Iowa State Fair! 

Grandma getting the Iowa Century Farm Award at the Iowa State Fair!

Being a farmer with Uncle Jimmy at the Iowa State Fair. He had to stop at every one of these we went by. Every. Single. One.

Being a Roman soldier at church on day. 

Taking photos from mom's iphone of mom and dad in Menards! 
When did he get so big? 
What don't I have photos of? Adventureland, our day trip to Iowa City. They must be on a different computer at home.

Off to Kindergarten you go, little man! 
Mom and Dad love you, and know you will do great! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Swimming & Sashay-ing

I signed up the little guy for swimming lessons at our local Y. He's gone twice, he likes it. Mommy has yet to see him swimming and learning in the pool. The first time mommy and daddy were both out of town, so grandma took him. Love that I live in the same town with one great grandma! 

The second time, I had a meeting at his school I really had to go to, so I did. Dad took him, photos by Dad. 
I guess that's one of the benefits of having a hubby that's been laid off for almost 2 months- he can make sure our kid gets to where he needs to go. It's sad that the company he works for can't pay him right now, but we are making the best of it. 

He loves the water. I asked him if he wanted to do basketball at the Y this winter, or any other sport, and he wasn't interested. Swimming really wasn't an option for him, because I think it's something all kids need to know how to do- and do it well. Plus it'll help when my parents buy a lot on a lake somewhere in Iowa later this year. :) 

Here he is floating- Dad said he did this all on his own, while waiting his turn. Impressive. Good job, little guy! I'm so glad I forked over the money to do this, because a little boy (a year younger than he is) from his school almost drowned just a few weeks ago. The little boy was blue when his mom pulled him out. Thankfully the little guy is okay, but even with parents nearby, it can happen. 

In other news, a friend at church was making these Sashay scarves and selling them. I asked her how she made them, and wham! I'm going crazy. Look at all those colors! It's very easy to do and I'm selling mine for $10 to some of my Facebook friends- $13 if I have to mail it to them. I've seen them for $12, and I've seen them for $15, and even $25- using a thicker material! So I think mine are a bargain! 

No, I don't crochet all this. I just loop it through. But handmade, by me! Takes me less than an hour to do one, and one skein makes about 3 scarves. I have made some shorter ones for little girls- and those sell at $5 each. I earn some money, so I can buy more materials and ladies get to wear them and look pretty! 

Can't believe I'm signing my little boy up for Kindergarten, where did the time go? 
First photos of him on this blog post- here

Happy Spring Break everybody! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LEGO birthday party!

We can't believe our little guy turned 5 this past week! 

 I planned a Lego Birthday party!

 I spray painted some bubble wrap green (thank you Pinterest). Great idea!

 Lego juice box covers I found over at  Delia Creates

The banners I made.. it says 'Happy Birthday' then my son's name on the bottom banner. 
Yes, he has a long name, and so far, no, he doesn't want to shorten it.

 Pin the Head on the Lego Man was a fun game all the kids participated in! I found the Lego man over at Debt Free Spending enlarged it to 235% on my copier and it took several pieces of paper to come together, but it worked. I then copied the head off so it was the same size and put them on yellow paper- and there you have it. It was just a sad  looking outline before I added colored card stock to him. My son wanted him to have a red shirt on (his favorite color is red) and blue pants on. Check.
 The first step, of course, was to make and design our Lego heads! 

We played 'Lego Bingo' I found that over at

A few of the other games we played were found in the printable pack over at Aussie Pumpkin Patch
We played build the Lego tower game and Lego Straw Game. Most of the kids just wanted to play with the Legos,and that was okay too!

Pointing to which Lego cupcake they wanted, by The Little Bake Shop
 If you aren't local (Southeast Iowa)- she does still take orders from her etsy shop.

The kids enjoyed the frosting and the candy on top of the 
cupcakes then they did the actual cupcake! 
Oh well! 

My son, and his crazy, silly friend!

I used green, red, and yellow card-stock, plus white. The font was free: called Legothick

What's a party without balloons?

This was before the kids came, and at the end they got crazy with the balloons! 

All of the kids 'posed' for a photo. 
Hubby says he has the most fun at his own child's birthday parties. 
Is that because it's his own child? 
Or because they are well organized? (by yours truly)
Does he know these parties are a lot of work? 
Clean the house, posters, banners, shopping for supplies, ordering cupcakes or making the cake, running the party in somewhat order/chaos mixture, or somewhere in between.