Tuesday, December 16, 2014

6 months old

Somebody's sitting up all by herself! 

Somebody was tired. 

Oh the socks! Why do I even put them on?!?!?!? 

We were able to spend a few days with my parents for Thanksgiving. 

She loves her daddy! 

With my brother's retired show dog- Summit. 

When you forget the Bumbo - you use a wrap! 

When you have to work on a Saturday - you wrap! Good thing it was a nice day out! 

When you have to bring the clean clothes up from the basement - the baby gets a ride! 

When Santa and Mrs. Clause comes to town! 

At 6 months: She's starting to try to pull herself up, starting to reach for toys and then being on all fours - no rocking yet, but soon. 
She's enjoying her solid food and we've even moved onto fruits. 
She loves to smile and is a happy little girl- and as I'm writing this she's crying! 

She's growing up fast and it's hard to believe that in another 6 months she will be 1 year old already! 

Merry Christmas! 

5 months old

Getting bigger.

Almost sitting up by herself. 

She now fits into the onsie I bought her brother, when he was a baby! 
Family photos from Happy Day Photos! 

Look who has a tickle spot! 

Someone loves her monkey! 

By far the best photo of my two kids (so far).Taken by Happy Day Photos

Someone found her toes! 

Even though this post is a month and a half late - it's still fun to know: 
She's tried and liked some of her first solid foods. 
She loves her big brother and he loves her. 
There are things that she does for him that she won't do with mom and dad, 
and I think that's really special.