Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Letter A

We've been studying the letter A this week.... so I checked out a small pile of books from the library on Friday... they all had something to do with the letter A or the alphabet. Like there's an ant in one story, and one book is called "Amazing Airplanes". Christopher really liked to read this book, as he is all boy! He even had to take it into the bathroom with him, so I read it to him while he was sitting on the potty.

Today we made an alligator A using green construction paper and white triangles for teeth- a little round green bump on the side and a white circle for the eye and a black marker finished it off for the nose! It now hangs in our dining room- above his play table, he was very proud to show daddy when he got home tonight! He's now saying apple, we've had apples left over from Christmas, but I didn't think we were saying the word enough for him to pick up saying "Apple."

So I had accidentally printed off to many apples for the apple book we will do later this week- so I cut it out and labeled it 'apple' and hung it up underneath the alligator- so it looks like the Alligator is eating the apple on the wall! This is going to be one cool wall when we are done with the whole alphabet! I'm not even sure they will all fit on this one small wall!

So Roy and I had fun during and after supper coming up with 2 things each for each letter of the alphabet- one animal and one food item (but not candy or junk food).

Next week will be Bears and Bananas, so I'll have to stock up on those when I go to the store- the bananas, not the bears!

I've also labeled most items in his room: bed, dresser, door, closet, chair, stool, bookshelf, table, gate, light switch, etc. So we've been working on those words as well. Oh yeah and because his room is so colorful I couldn't resist labeling the colors in his room too! Orange, Yellow, Blue and Red are all on his walls! See the room transformation here.

Just learning new things everyday- especially new words! It's exciting and scary to know that once he'll be talking and we won't be able to shut him up! But finally we'll be able to know what's going on inside that little head of his.

Off to spend time with hubby!


  1. Sarah, great idea doing a letter of the day and also doing a project representing the letter. I am always looking for new things to do and this one is FANTASTIC! Wish I could come up with such clever ideas. If you got anymore, please post.