Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Letter Wall

This is our Letter Wall in our dining room, it's a small wall, so I'm sure eventually our letters will go all the way around the dining room! The first letter "B" thing is already up.. we did that yesterday and it's a letter B and we stamped his thumb print all over the paper with stamping ink- then mommy drew on the thumb prints to make bees with a fine point marker! I was making their wings, their eyes and then I realized they were missing something- they didn't have smiley faces! So I added that, and now they look great!

The Top A thing is an alligator A, with white teeth that you can't really see, and then it's a picture of an apple, and I labeled it 'apple'- he says apple really good. The thing on the bottom is just a simple A outlined letter and we glued on Apple Jacks, which he loved snacking on before and after we did this project!

We signed up for tumbling and for water babies at our local YMCA last night- I'm excited, it'll get us out of the house, and we even know some people who are going to be in our classes with us already! The tumbling class will be good for him to be active- he gets so excited when he's around other kids! He loves swimming at the YMCA - and it's good for mommy too, because they doctors say I have 65 year old knees... isn't that great to hear when you aren't even 30 yet! I'll be 31 this year, so I'm sure my knees have aged to at least 67!

Yesterday Christopher got a hold of my camera- and he took some pictures, some rather unflattering ones of me... but this one is of how his toys are stored now- rather than being in his toy bin- which there are still toys in, just not as many! The top 3 bins consist of Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head, a few books. The second row you can see blocks, binoculars, people & animals, a ball and musical instruments. The third row you can see a soft ball and lots and lots of mega blocks. The last row is puzzles and cars & vehicles! It doesn't always stay this organized, but it helps contain some toy items- I no longer have blocks invading my kitchen spaces!

Well, it's nap time for one little boy!


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