Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the Season

Merry Christmas to all.... and a busy rest of the year as well!

So we finally got our tree up, granted it's only the top half of our big tree, but it's something! It's cute and little and it fits in the corner, rather than taking up 1/4th of one of our rooms! It made it super easy to decorate as well, we could rotate it without a problem!

Christopher's birthday is coming right up, and so I'm planning his birthday party all around Toy Story 3, I thought it appropriate because he'll be 3... I found clip art here. I found these other great ideas for the party here! You have to love free already made printable Party Invites that I found here! It should be a fun party... because he's turning 3 he gets to invite 3 friends + 1 friend. I realized he has a whole lot more girl friends than boy friends! I guess there's nothing wrong with that- yet! So the majority of his friends at the party will probably be girls, I hope they like Toy Story 3, because that's the theme!

Three days before the party I agreed to have a Tupperware Party... what was I thinking??? I guess it motivates me to clean the house for his party and get free stuff for myself!

On top of that I have been asked to teach the Lunch and Learn (L&L) Program on Jan. 25 at Main Street Ottumwa! I'm being expected to teach for about an hour, and I have a lot of information I'm gathering, but the general aspect of the L&L class will be Social Networking for Your Business. Social Networking is Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. How are businesses using these and how you can use them in your business as well, for positive gain. So I'm figuring out what I can talk about and teach these business people in Ottumwa. Meanwhile, I have to write my Bio and provide a somewhat professional photo. It gets more complicated, because I don't have money to buy all the research books I'd like to, I have to check them out from the local library, the problem is that the local library doesn't have all the books that I want. So off to the next town I have to go within the next month or so to check out a few of their books!

On top of that I'm making most of my Christmas gifts for family and of course printing the above Christmas Card for far-away family and friends as well as for the people at church! I think everyone will enjoy their gifts!

Time marches forward and Christmas is right around the corner, and all I have left to do is finish making the gifts and find some stocking stuffers so Santa can come! But most of all I enjoy taking Christopher to church and he knows Baby Jesus is in the manger! He also understands that he's not supposed to play with mommy's Baby Jesus that's part of our nativity set, because he's breakable... and without Baby Jesus, well, I guess there would be no Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! Send me your address sometime, still have your card sitting here! :)