Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LEGO birthday party!

We can't believe our little guy turned 5 this past week! 

 I planned a Lego Birthday party!

 I spray painted some bubble wrap green (thank you Pinterest). Great idea!

 Lego juice box covers I found over at  Delia Creates

The banners I made.. it says 'Happy Birthday' then my son's name on the bottom banner. 
Yes, he has a long name, and so far, no, he doesn't want to shorten it.

 Pin the Head on the Lego Man was a fun game all the kids participated in! I found the Lego man over at Debt Free Spending enlarged it to 235% on my copier and it took several pieces of paper to come together, but it worked. I then copied the head off so it was the same size and put them on yellow paper- and there you have it. It was just a sad  looking outline before I added colored card stock to him. My son wanted him to have a red shirt on (his favorite color is red) and blue pants on. Check.
 The first step, of course, was to make and design our Lego heads! 

We played 'Lego Bingo' I found that over at howtocookthat.net

A few of the other games we played were found in the printable pack over at Aussie Pumpkin Patch
We played build the Lego tower game and Lego Straw Game. Most of the kids just wanted to play with the Legos,and that was okay too!

Pointing to which Lego cupcake they wanted, by The Little Bake Shop
 If you aren't local (Southeast Iowa)- she does still take orders from her etsy shop.

The kids enjoyed the frosting and the candy on top of the 
cupcakes then they did the actual cupcake! 
Oh well! 

My son, and his crazy, silly friend!

I used green, red, and yellow card-stock, plus white. The font was free: called Legothick

What's a party without balloons?

This was before the kids came, and at the end they got crazy with the balloons! 

All of the kids 'posed' for a photo. 
Hubby says he has the most fun at his own child's birthday parties. 
Is that because it's his own child? 
Or because they are well organized? (by yours truly)
Does he know these parties are a lot of work? 
Clean the house, posters, banners, shopping for supplies, ordering cupcakes or making the cake, running the party in somewhat order/chaos mixture, or somewhere in between.


  1. Great job with all the Lego ideas Sarah! Very cute! And those cupcakes from the Little Bake Shop are the best! Happy Birthday Christopher!