Thursday, April 22, 2010

No TV Tuesdays!!!

Thanks to my local mom friend, Julie, we are trying something new, No TV on Tuesdays! Which is especially hard because Tuesdays are my day off..... and all I want to do is veg out in front of the TV.

But I can honestly say this past Tuesday Christopher did not watch any TV, despite the fact that mommy had to sneak in a few episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 while he was taking a nap! And I might have enjoyed some TV with Roy after Christopher went to bed for the night! I will do better next week! Hopefully the weather will still be nice and we can take a bike ride to the park!
So I am looking into finding someone else to care for Christopher while I'm at work... I love the program at the YMCA, and the fact that I get a discount, but it's getting ridiculous if I get a paycheck and all of it, plus $10 goes back to the YMCA for child care! So we are going to look at a place this morning... hopefully this will be the one, because a lot of home child care centers don't take part-time kids- or are full, like my neighbor. I wish Jennifer wasn't full, but she is- that would be nice- but oh well!

I am busy getting ready for Olan Mills to come next Monday and Tuesday afternoons to our church for Portraits- we are finally getting a new church directory- after a good 11 years, it's well needed for the new people who are in the church, and certainly might not know how to contact anyone! It was a year ago this past March that I was actually working for Olan Mills, and then after 2 weeks of being on the road- I decided I couldn't leave my precious little boy and my husband alone while I worked for Olan Mills. It was a decision I don't regret one bit.... there was a time in my life I wouldn't have minded traveling and meeting new people, but not after having a child. In the short 2 weeks of training that I had I pretty much made my poor husband a single dad.... never again... especially when I was gone for a good week before I came home for a day and a half and my son didn't even recognize me :( He was scared... and at 14 months I would have been scared too if my mommy had left and didn't come back for days!

Since I've last blogged on here, we've been introduced to Vemma, a liquid vitamin supplement, that tastes yummy! It's got Manogsteen in it (it's a fruit). We take a shot of it every morning and seem to have more energy throughout the day... breakouts on my face seem to be less and few and far between than before taking Vemma. They have one product, but several different ways to get it into your system. They have Vemma NEXT for kids, Vemma Verve! an energy drink- but it's actually good for you! They also have Vemma Thirst that you can add to a bottle of water!
This is also something that you can sell to other people, and my husband and I are thinking about getting into, but the money isn't there right now to start a business... but once we do we can have our Vemma that we get paid for..... we just have to introduce it to people who are also interested in the product or even the business!

So if you are looking for extra income.... and an easy opportunity. Or are looking to stop taking all those morning and evening vitamins and just want something much easier- contact me and I can help you out!


  1. I realized after you commented on my blog that your blog was gone off of my list for some reason--so I got it back on! Anyway, glad you are doing the no TV thing too, and don't worry, I've snuck some watching in during naptime as well. :) I hope you enjoy it!!! Mallory seems to want to watch less the other days too. :) Hooray for that!