Saturday, August 6, 2016

Prayer for the school

Heavenly Father,

The only school that my oldest has ever attended had a fire last night. Thank you for neighbors who made the call and it was contained to the gym and stage area. Away from the classrooms. I need to lift up so many people in prayer right now.

I thank you, Father God for the firemen and first responders who took care of the building last night. I thank you Jesus that it wasn't super hot or humid out that they had to work extra hard in that kind of weather.

I thank you Jesus that no students or teachers were in the building at the time.
I pray for the insurance adjuster that they may be able to move quickly, so that we may start school on time. I pray that all the repairs are covered, and that this fire isn't something the school board needs to worry about.

I pray that you put the right people in the path of the school to fix the damage, so that it's better than ever and we can have our first concert on time to give You all the glory!

I pray that none of the teachers supplies were wet or damaged, they sacrifice so much for our school, and they do it all while praising You and showing our students to lean on You, Heavenly Father.

I pray for the safety of the clean up crew and the workers that they may work quickly and efficiently to be able to open the school on time, with minimal costs. I pray for the financial situation of the school and that the board shouldn't have to worry about the coat of repairs - that it will totally be covered with donations.

See You At the Flag Pole September 2015

Students praying for our school, our community, our nation.
See You At the Flag Pole September 2015

A little over 100 students attend here. 
See You At the Flag Pole September 2015

Jesus, keep the school community together in prayer and support with love, and not to idle gossip. Jesus, you have planted this school here for a reason, and you have kept it open for so long, and the students who attended here give you the glory and honor and praise for this!

Our school will come through this stronger and better than ever.

We trust that this is Your will, we don't understand it, right now, Oh God, but we know that You are in control.

Here's a video made by another parent, that includes some photos that I have taken, and the logo designed by my husband:


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