Monday, February 1, 2010

The Letter B

The letter B week

Although I'm a little slow on my planning for the letter B, I'm planning on going to the library tomorrow or the next day to pick up my new letter B books, and drop off the letter A books.

He's mastered the word "Apple," and over the weekend he learned how to say "boss" just because he was in the truck with his Uncle Jimmy and the rest of us "adults" were changing tires on vehicles. I say "adults" because although Uncle Jimmy is 21, going on 22, he likes to hang out with his favorite and only 2 year old nephew, Christopher!

So low and behold, Christopher was saying "I drive" while trying to drive daddy's truck, using the gear shaft and everything! Plus being the "boss" of all of us changing tires in the church parking lot. This was a last minute trip for all of us to head up to Iowa City, but it was a fun trip- and good eating at Texas Roadhouse - yum, yum!

I was sad I couldn't go shopping in Iowa City- lots of craft stores to go to, ya know! But Roy said he'll take me shopping when we go to Des Moines for Valentine's Day weekend- we got Grandma & Papa John to watch Christopher so we can have some 'us' time! We are spending at least one night in a hotel room and going to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at the Marriott! It should be a fun weekend!

Back to the Letter B!

Christopher already knows how to say these B words: bear, ball, bird, ba (for banana), back, backpack (thank you Dora!), big, Big Bird, bed, baby, etc. So B should be a fairly easy next couple of weeks!


  1. Love weekends away...have a great time in Des Moines!!