Friday, June 20, 2014

Need You Now

Need You Now (How Many Times)
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Well everybody's got a story to tell And everybody's got a wound to be healed I want to believe there's beauty here Cause oh, I get so tired of holding on I can't let go, I can't move on I want to believe there's meaning here 
(Chorus) How many times have you heard me cry out "God please take this"? How many times have you given me strength to Just keep breathing? Oh I need you God, I need you now. 
Standing on a road I didn't plan Wondering how I got to where I am I'm trying to hear that still small voice I'm trying to hear above the noise 
Oh I walk, oh I walk through the shadows And I, I am so afraid Please stay, please stay right beside me With every single step I take 
How many times have you heard me cry out? And how many times have you given me strength? 
I need you now I need you now

This song. Has helped me get through the last 2 years. 
There is beauty here: 

In the past 2 years: 
My husband was laid off from a good job, that allowed me to be a stay at home mom 
(hence the name of this blog).
We were worried that we would have to put our child in public school, something neither of us wanted, but thankfully God has provided us a way to keep in the local Christian School for at least another year.  It's also not the most expensive private school: we pay about $2,000/ year, which equals about $200/ month. While it's not 'free' we believe it is a better education, and the community has been great- we pray for the teachers and I know they pray for our family.

I was offered a part time position (during school hours) for a non-profit organization. While we have to pay for my son to go to daycare this summer, because last summer dad was able to take care of him, for free, I am able to take my daughter to work with me (for now). Thankful for a good day care provider and very thankful that my job allows me to have her at work with me! 

Husband was hired as a temporary, now a full time delivery driver for FedEx 
(but the contractor doesn't pay insurance). 

Found out we were pregnant in May of 2013, only to have a miscarriage
Found out we were pregnant late in 2013, and this one was a viable pregnancy - she's beautiful! 
Our daughter was born on May 20, 2014. 

I thought my world was ending when my husband got laid off, and in my mind, it was, and in a way, it did. My world was taking care of our son, getting him to school, volunteering at the school and working on my volunteering that I did for a local non-profit organization. The thought that they wouldn't 'call' him back never occurred to me at the time (we'd been through one layoff with this company before), but that has come true, as it's been a year and a half, I first mentioned it here

It's hard to believe today marks one month of my daughter being born! Where did the time go? She's so precious, and I know, after a hard day of delivering boxes, my husband enjoys holding our soft, squishy, wiggly baby - even if she is crying. 

Some things about my daughter: 
  • She hates being bundled (unlike most newborns) she likes to have her hands free. 
  • She is a very warm baby. They say to layer baby, like whatever you are wearing and then plus 1 layer. Not this girl. She's hot! 
  • She's started turning her head when she hears mom or dad's voices. 
  • Although she's only one month old, she still fits into most newborn clothing, and probably will for another month or two! 
  • She's a snacker: she will eat, then (maybe) burp, then take a nap, wake up and want more food (repeat). My son was different, he would eat, burp, eat (switching sides), burp and then take a nap. Boys and girls are so different. But I am a snacker to, if I have sweets in the house (cookies or bars or anything) I will snack on that stuff all day long
  • Her big brother is in love with her. Adores her. Thinks he has to kiss her. Every. 5 minutes. Sometimes every 10 minutes! 
  • She spits up more than my son ever did, in fact, I'm not sure if we have a clean burp cloth in the house right now. Oy! 
  • Loves to fall asleep on mom or dads chest, we think this is because she loves to hear the sound of our heartbeats. 
  • Likes to take naps anytime I am wearing her. I have a sling at church and a Moby wrap at work. 
  • She is starting to enjoy bath time (almost).
  • She is full of grunts, and squeals, and squeaks. In fact my boss calls her 'Squeaky baby.' 
  • All in all, she really is a good baby and only wakes me up in the middle of the night a few times. 


  1. Love to see God's faithfulness throughout these past couple of years. Congrats on the baby! :) So cute and sweet!