Monday, March 25, 2013

Swimming & Sashay-ing

I signed up the little guy for swimming lessons at our local Y. He's gone twice, he likes it. Mommy has yet to see him swimming and learning in the pool. The first time mommy and daddy were both out of town, so grandma took him. Love that I live in the same town with one great grandma! 

The second time, I had a meeting at his school I really had to go to, so I did. Dad took him, photos by Dad. 
I guess that's one of the benefits of having a hubby that's been laid off for almost 2 months- he can make sure our kid gets to where he needs to go. It's sad that the company he works for can't pay him right now, but we are making the best of it. 

He loves the water. I asked him if he wanted to do basketball at the Y this winter, or any other sport, and he wasn't interested. Swimming really wasn't an option for him, because I think it's something all kids need to know how to do- and do it well. Plus it'll help when my parents buy a lot on a lake somewhere in Iowa later this year. :) 

Here he is floating- Dad said he did this all on his own, while waiting his turn. Impressive. Good job, little guy! I'm so glad I forked over the money to do this, because a little boy (a year younger than he is) from his school almost drowned just a few weeks ago. The little boy was blue when his mom pulled him out. Thankfully the little guy is okay, but even with parents nearby, it can happen. 

In other news, a friend at church was making these Sashay scarves and selling them. I asked her how she made them, and wham! I'm going crazy. Look at all those colors! It's very easy to do and I'm selling mine for $10 to some of my Facebook friends- $13 if I have to mail it to them. I've seen them for $12, and I've seen them for $15, and even $25- using a thicker material! So I think mine are a bargain! 

No, I don't crochet all this. I just loop it through. But handmade, by me! Takes me less than an hour to do one, and one skein makes about 3 scarves. I have made some shorter ones for little girls- and those sell at $5 each. I earn some money, so I can buy more materials and ladies get to wear them and look pretty! 

Can't believe I'm signing my little boy up for Kindergarten, where did the time go? 
First photos of him on this blog post- here

Happy Spring Break everybody! 


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