Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer 2013

This summer has been, well, interesting.

Since hubby lost his job in February, and with little possibility of getting called back from his previous company. He has been employed full- time as a stay at home dad!
After saying goodbye to an old friend in Missouri at a celebration service for Brother Danny. 

Fourth of July in What Cheer, Iowa. This kid loves his tractors! 

Central Park Cinema was a big hit- as were the popsicle from the firefighters! 

Daddy spent some time in the hospital- this was not so much fun. :( Neither is the doctor bill that accompanied said trip to the hospital. But we got great care by going to a hospital the next town to the South of us! 

Being a cowboy at Vacation Bible School. 

The first tick of the season landed on him! Yikes! 

Lunch in the Park was a big hit as well! Fridays in Central Park, when the weather was nice! 

Listening and watching The Crushers at Live After Five in Central Park! 

He sees a juggler dude at Live After Five. 

Riding a pony at a local church! 

Always fun times with his friend, Q! 

Life decisions in the game of Life, having a little help from dad. 

Central Park Cinema, Saturday nights. 

He got serious about drawing. Seriously. 

Driving in a tractor cab at the Iowa State Fair! 

Grandma getting the Iowa Century Farm Award at the Iowa State Fair!

Being a farmer with Uncle Jimmy at the Iowa State Fair. He had to stop at every one of these we went by. Every. Single. One.

Being a Roman soldier at church on day. 

Taking photos from mom's iphone of mom and dad in Menards! 
When did he get so big? 
What don't I have photos of? Adventureland, our day trip to Iowa City. They must be on a different computer at home.

Off to Kindergarten you go, little man! 
Mom and Dad love you, and know you will do great! 


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