Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Months!

Caroline Renee Howk
At 2 months old she can:
  • hold her head up (mostly steady)
  • smile at us 
  • starting to make noises and sounds on purpose
  • weighs almost double her birth weight at 9 lbs. 8oz 
  • has grown a full four inches since being born
  • likes to spend time with daddy
  • thinks her big brother is silly (because he usually is) 
Caroline is a mover - if she's in her car seat and not moving, she usually gets mad. 
In her short 2 months she has already:
  • gone swimming in Lake Wapello (and didn't like it) 
  • been to Market on Main like 10 times more than her dad (because he's never been there)
  • goes to work with me every day
  • usually only wakes me once in the middle of the night to eat
  • started to enjoy her bath time - she likes the warm water! 
  • sleeps better on her stomach than her back - but only when necessary.
  • still hasn't been out of the state of Iowa, but has been as far Northwest as Emmetsburg and North Forest City, Iowa; and as far South as Bloomfield, Iowa. 

I love this photo of her just hanging with some RAGBRAIers in Emmetsburg, Iowa. 


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