Saturday, February 13, 2016

Flash time

I got a new digital camera - a Nikon 3200, if you are interested. I saved up money and bought it from a friend of a friend. It came with an external flash. So I just had fun changing the angle of the flash and location of where I was shooting from to get the look I wanted. It's more a flash study.

Flash straight at the subject, a little glare on the photos, not the look I was going for.

Flash was still pointed at the subject.

Here's where I figured out I could point the flash toward the ceiling, without removing it from the camera! Sweet deal! 

Changing my location, but kept the flash pointed to the ceiling.

Changing the angle of the flash. 

Changing the angle of the flash. 

Still not the look I was going for. 

Almost there....

This is the shot. This was the look I wanted, not to much glare, I'm watching my shadows and they are soft, not hard. With a little cropping, this would be a pretty good shot. 

One more flash, bounced off the ceiling - just for fun. 

I took a photography class or two in college, but that's been 10+ years, so this is a good study for me. 
The subject is something I created a while back. 

I took some lids from some boxes I had laying around, some scrapbook paper - two 10x10 sheets for each lid, some ribbon, and cut out my own letters. Piecing it together with some good glue - and being patient while it all dried was the hardest part. Although it looks like I used a lot of ribbon, I actually didn't. The band around each box is just that, a band, and the ribbon that's used to hang each letter is the same way. I think I used up all of this kind of ribbon I had in the house, though. 
I saw this idea on Pinterest a few years ago. This was actually one of the few projects that I've taken off that site and not been total flops. (It happens to everyone.) 

We went to Target and bought a curtain rod- I'm sad about this now, because ours recently closed. I haven't lived in a community without a Target nearby (within 10 min. of my house) since I was in high school! 

 Hubby put the rod where I wanted it and I put the letters through. It came out great! It's something I enjoy looking at along with our family photos below, and it reminds me that I love to be creative! 


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