Friday, February 5, 2016

Spy Party

When I asked my son what kind of birthday party he wanted, he said 'Spy Party.' Maybe I need to stop asking these loaded questions. But this year, I was up for the challenge - at least for one more year. He might have to forego the 'theme' birthday party next year for a day out with dad - which I'm perfectly okay with. 

I loved making the banner - and using red curling ribbon to go through the banner made it look like a laser beam was going through the banner. Almost. It's a concept. 

Entering the room the kids had to have their identity checked by an app my hubby put on his Android tablet. Fingerprint Lock Scan to see if they were accepted and Criminal Records Check to make sure they weren't already criminals (they all were). But maybe that's what we were looking for. 
They all got badges and had to print their name on them. 

They all started out with their notebooks I made them - just a little bit of paper, colored card stock and staples and they can re-use it once the party is over. 
So the mystery of the spy party was finding the party gift bags. They had to use their decoder to solve the message - this was tricky for some, but some of them figured it out pretty quickly and moved fast. I designed the decoder - if you want to use mine, just ask! 

How did this little boy turn 8 years old already? Wasn't he just 2? *sigh* 
That makes me feel old. 
The balloons were placed strategically around the building as 'bombs' I used both black balloons and gray. Tied together with black or red string make a perfect fuse! 

My bright idea was to have a laser maze the kids had to get through as one of their missions. I gave hubby the red yarn and he went to town turning this average Sunday School classroom into an awesome maze for the kids, complete with a tunnel formed by tables and chairs! 

First glimpse of the laser maze and someone said 'Wow, look at all that yarn!' 
Use your imaginations, guys! It's laser beams. Some of them would have been dead, if they had been real laser beams. Good thing it wasn't real. 

Cake made by hubby - I tend to get flustered when I make cakes last minute for something important as birthday parties. We found some strawberry cake mix on clearance at Target (ours was closing) and pink frosting. Yes, that's pink frosting with a whole lot of food coloring to make it look like metal. Hubby showed me the cake and he didn't realize he had a minor misspelt word. But the kids had to figure out what was wrong with the words - other than it was written backwards. 

The kids had 6 missions they had to get through to find all the answers. Some of them were get up and go missions - they had to count all the door knobs in the room, they had to identify close up pictures of spy gear - such as binoculars, cell phone, a flashlight, computer, a badge, and a gun
(I used an air soft gun we had).

Super spy guy making it through the maze. 

The bad guy the kids had to shoot with NERF guns as one of their missions. 

Super Spy guy had a fantastic party! 

NERF guns - we actually had enough for everyone,
thanks to my brother in law,
who didn't need them anymore! 

This young lady was a super spy and even came dressed all in black.

Inside the gift bags were sunglasses, handcuffs, fake mustaches, magnifying glasses. 
They were, of course in brown paper bags - what else to spies use for 'drop offs?' 
I've watched way to many spy shows. 

The biggest NERF gun of them all. 

Group shot - minus one who had to leave early.
I love all their facial expressions in this photo! 

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