Friday, February 26, 2016

First Hair Cut

First Hair Cut!
Although a lot of hair wasn't taken off, it was important to take photos.

We were visiting my parents in Florida, and hubby found a great kid themed salon in Fort Myers.

Checking out the toys before the cut.

Photo shot of the salon, they had several cars, a pink jeep and regular hair cutting chairs.

This is Barbara.

She did super, my daughter wouldn't hold still. 

Finally calmed down.

So much to look at!

Serious face.

It's tough to be this cute.

The other little boy got a sucker.

Suckers, the key to happiness.

Getting a little trim.

Back to the toys.

Must be a good sucker!

I asked her to smile. 

They even gave me a certificate and the first clipping of hair that was cut.

Now she's stylin'

Thank you, Barbara! 


  1. Baby Caroline is growing up too fast! I hope you all are having a fabulous time!