Friday, October 11, 2013

Iron Man

Iron Man has invaded our house. Or something like that. 

I picked up an Iron Man costume at Aldi's last week for under $20.00. Hubby asked 'Do you really want to spend that much?' I said 'Yes, because it would be more at Target.'  
I have previously made or designed his costumes, but this is the first Halloween that (he'll remember) 
that mommy is working outside the home. 

It was just a simple costume, but my husband decided the glow in the dark circle for the center piece was just not enough. Good thing hubby is a handyman. He can fix almost anything around the house, and if he doesn't know how he'll go figure it out from YouTube. He did that in this case. Wiring LED and connecting things to switches and resistors was a little above his knowledge, but not out of reach. 

The battery pack is a pill bottle, stuffed in my son's back pocket. It has wires going into the cap, and a switch on the bottom. The wires are mostly old telephone cables. 

The gloves were gloves we had laying around, I guess we'll have to get him another red pair for winter. Oh well. It's all in the name of fun! 

I'm not sure how much he spent on his project - and it took him about a week to do, but only because he's still looking for employment. Took up the dining room table all week. Oh well. 

Oh yeah, the light up one at Target? 

Hubby worked hard to finish it today, Friday. 
Now my son will be ready for Super Hero day on Monday for his school's spirit week! 


  1. Awesome! That's a little boy's dream! Hope all is well there!