Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun, Food, Friends, and Fishing!

Friday night we had some friends over. We invited more, but some were busy- that's okay. We had about 12 people including our family. It was so much fun to get some new and some old families together- meaning some that have hung out before together with one family that hadn't. There were 5 kids under the age of 4! The 3 three year olds were fun (Stephen, Christopher and Be'lin), they've hung out together before. But then again there was a finger slammed in the bathroom door, bubbles dumped on somebody's head and marshmallow stickiness smeared in the same person's hair! Then there was Lola- she's 2, and sometimes she was in her own little world, but got into playing with the other kids eventually. Then there's Veronica, who just turned 1 and wants to do everything the 3 year olds were doing! We started the party inside (silly rain), but it stopped raining later in the night so we could move outside and let the kids run off even MORE energy and make some s'mores. One person in the party had never had s'mores before- can you believe it?! Crazy! But he liked them!
What an awesome way to kick off the summer with food, friends, fun and good times! 

On Saturday- Christopher got to spend some time fishing with Grandma, his Aunt Vicky and Uncle Mike while they were in town for a day.

Waiting for the fish to bite... hard to believe he's 3 1/2 this month! 

Cutest fishing boy I know! 

 He caught one! 

Christopher had a pretty great weekend, spending 2 whole nights at grandma's house- which is rare, because usually grandma can't keep him over on Sunday nights because she works. He was really good, and was lucky enough to stay up late and even slept in early- why is it he does some things at grandma's house that I can't get him to do at his own? 

Summer has begun and we have our summer reading books for the week- even mommy joined the adult summer reading program at the local library! Grand prize is an hour long massage from a local massage place called 'Time Away.' I won't win, but just thinking about getting an hour long massage makes me start to relax! All Stay-At-Home moms need relaxation time! 


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