Friday, June 17, 2011

Cars & Basement

It's summer time here. It's defiantly been hot the last few days. Christopher at the park today- we met some friends for a yummy picnic in the park, after story time at the local library! 

Grandma Shirley had Christopher at the farm for 2 whole days last weekend- the big project that hubby got done? Replacing the door handle on my car- driver's side. We lived with a broken one for about a month. I told him that it wasn't going to work in the winter, because it was taking 2 hands to open it all the time.

It was totally my fault- and I was in a hurry at the local grocery store. I was looking up at the storm clouds and I went to put my cart away - I locked the car door when I did- I was coming back to my car, not remembering I had locked my car and I guess I don't know my own strength because the next thing I know I'm fishing to get the rest of the car handle from underneath the car. Then thinking 'Oh, my gosh, my husband is going to kill me!" Not really, but those are the thoughts that go through my head.

He didn't kill me, and he really wasn't that upset and he found one for cheap online somewhere- although he had to take apart the door entirely to get it done- and he only added 2 bolts in my car door that he couldn't get out, it's done and I'm thankful I have a handy husband who can do these types of things for silly me!

Keep in mind it's been a little over a year since I did anything to my car- accident-wise, so I guess I figured it was time! I knew it was coming- I just didn't know it'd be a silly door handle. It could have been a lot worse! I've already banged up 3 bumpers- yes I know I only have 2- but I've banged up 3! I have the worst luck- or maybe they should take me off the road entirely!

My big project that I worked on last weekend was cleaning and organizing the basement. Above is the part of the basement I didn't get to- that's my scrap-booking table. Lovely, isn't it? The whole basement is like this- F-U-L-L. Throwing trash away isn't that hard, but deciding what to throw away is another matter entirely. Do I really need all my notes from an English class I had in College? Probably not. Recycle! 
Do we really need to keep all that Styrofoam from all those packaging boxes? Not really. Garbage! 
Not planning to have anymore kids, so why do I need this beautiful baby car seat? I don't need it anymore- anyone want to buy it off me? I'll take $75 for it- everything's included latch system, car seat base, instruction manual, etc.- I'll even throw in a stroller that goes with it! And despite my bad driving habits- it's never been in a car accident.

Is the basement done? No. Is it organized? A little more. Will it take me a while? Yes! But it didn't get that way overnight- we have lived here for a little 8 years. My goal is to get the basement cleaned so that can be our place where I can home-school my son.