Saturday, May 14, 2011

"So did you have a _______ time?"

I asked my husband that very same question on our way back from our weekend getaway today. I said it just like that.

Good. Couldn't classify it as a good time.
Boring. Nope. Not that either.
Horrible. Nope.

There really doesn't seem to be a word for the weekend mini-retreat that my hubby and I just got back from. We went to Honey Creek Resort for a Geocaching event. We knew about it ahead of time, and we knew that we'd get a great rate for the weekend- I scrimped and I saved my money in a jar because if I put it in an envelope that's in my purse I will spend it. This past Thursday was our wedding anniversary, on May 12, 2002 I married my husband. Nine years later we are at Honey Creek Resort enjoying, or rather trying to enjoy our time.

The weather: was cold, and rainy, and windy, and drizzling/ misting. Yuck!

Hubby thought of a great idea to bring our bikes along. So we could get more Caches around the area. We didn't count on the weather being icky. We found a few caches on our bikes, and then we looked at each other and said: "Why are we doing this? This isn't fun! Let's go back and warm up!"

Hubby finding one of RedDarlings Geocaches.... but you don't need a GPS unit for this one! 
(They aren't EVER this big!) 

Here's a photo from a while back: Getting a geocache with my dad, photo taken from his iphone in Kentucky. I showed him how to do it and now he is a geocacher too!  The great thing about Geocaching is that they are everywhere- all over the world! My dad and I are excited to take our GPS units with us when we go on our family cruise next year and get some then!

Side note: It's funny that this weekend was cold and overcast cloudy. That's exactly how my wedding day was. Cold, and windy. My mother-in-law will never let me forget how cold my wedding day was! All because this girl thought she had to have an outdoor wedding in mid-May. Perfect, right? Not always in Iowa! On my wedding day I don't remember being cold- I had layers upon layers of gown on- and being nervous that the wedding would go off without a hitch probably prevented me from getting cold.

So we sat by the resorts fireplace for most of the late morning and afternoon. It helped that some friends loaned us their ipad2, it was kinda fun! Hubby played on the Wii that was there in the lobby for a little bit, and we did some people watching too.

We ate lunch at the Lakeshore Grille, which I must say was the BEST meal I've had out to eat for a very long time. I had to warm up, so I ordered a French Vanilla cappuccino- which was better than Starbucks that I can't get in my town anyway! I opted for the Tenderloin sandwich, while hubby had the special- a sliced ham with goat cheese sandwich on toasted rye bread. I had a few bites- and I loved it. The ham was amazing. I even saved room for their Cheesecake with Raspberry drizzle- super rich and one of the rare times I was allowed to order dessert!

We tossed around the idea of staying another night, but I don't think there were any empty rooms and we left the little man at home with the babysitter and figured out it wasn't financially worth it to stay another night. Unfortunately, we weren't impressed with the hotel side of the resort, some major Architectural flaws that we happened upon by accident just going where we thought we needed to go ended us up in the laundry rooms of the hotel. Whoops! Minor things such as HGTV being listed on the channel list, but when I turned to that channel it was QVC, and they didn't know anything about it at the front desk. Hubby took a while to figure out some electrical switches in our room- and the decor was nice, but not superb- plus the room had a bit of an echo when you talked. Sometimes it's just good to sleep in your own bed (says the lady who couldn't get to sleep until 2am!)

ps. I found 14 Geocaches this weekend, despite the weather! Most of which I found while Hubby escorted me around in the truck on our way home.


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