Monday, March 14, 2011

Name signs

So my son got invited to a birthday party a few weeks ago, and it was requested by the dad for no more toys as gifts. So I thought, "why can't I make something for this little 3 year old girl to hang in her room?" So because I couldn't remember what color her room was, I did both pink and purple. I had another friend remind me that her room is purple, but when I went into her room at the party- her bedspread was pink! Perfect! I found the paper background here


I used pink and purple paper to print her name on, then cut that out, and then pasted it on the paper background printed on non-white card-stock. Using 3D foam adhesive squares, I elevated the striped background and the name off the paper card-stock cut to size for 8 x 10 frame. Using a bronze stamp, I make the corners look old on both the striped background, cut with fun scissors. 

Ordinarily, I would have done something more electronic like the wedding gift I made below, but this was fun to use some new tools and craft supplies I got at our new local store, the Craft and Hobby Connection, run by a friend of mine. 

I enjoy being creative, and now that my son is older, I might actually make more time to do it! I looked up the little girls name, and I believe it means Bethlehem, which is kind of cool, but a name meaning like that doesn't mean anything to a 3 year old, but her name on pretty paper does. I hope she enjoys it for many years to come, even if her decor does change over the years!

Both of them together. I could have framed them with a black frames, but I figured her mom might want white or another color, so I left them unframed, and beside I think the black frame wouldn't have looked right. I'm always fearful of giving people frames, unless I know their decor.

It took about 1 1/2 hours to complete this project, cutting and printing, and perfecting. It probably took me longer, but that's because I had to hunt out the right paper and the right font to go with her name.


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