Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust

It was hubby's birthday on Friday and he wanted to play a computer game with his brother over the internet that night, which meant no Netflix for me! That's fine, I was smart enough to have checked out this amazing movie from the public library for the week- free of charge!

I have been a fan of Karen Kingsbury for some time, as some of your know, and can't ever get enough of her books- I think I've read all of them and am waiting for the Bailey Flanigan series to come out with Leaving on March 22, 2011!

The movie is based off the book with the same title, Like Dandelion Dust. It's about a couple who adopts a little boy, but seven years later when his birth father gets out of prison and finds out about him he wants to be a father. Obviously this is devastating for his mom and dad (the adoptive parents) to have to send him to Ohio to spend time with this other couple, who might take him away forever. The only life this little boy has ever known has been with them. The mom and dad devise a plan to just disappear, like dandelion dust. The movie plays out and well, I'm not going to give the ending away, you'll just have to rent it for yourself!
I did cry during the movie, more than once! Which is why it was a perfect movie for me to watch without hubby, because he can only take so much of the 'chick flicks,' which I'm sure he didn't want to watch one of 'those' movies on his birthday.
What was really emotionally exhausting was not the movie, but the testimonies that are on the DVD. One of the testimonies was done by Karen Kingsbury, but from reading her books you kind of get an insight of what her life is like with 3 adopted children and 3 of her own children. The one that got to me...(bring out the box of tissues)... was the producer of the movie. He and his wife were adopting a little boy from Hati when the earthquake struck, they got moving and made some major phone calls and got out 80 orphans from Hati that were all in the process of being adopted and coming to the United States. It took a lot of work, but the kids are safe now, with their new parents, and it was a total God thing!
I read a few adoption blogs every now and then, one that I read regularly has been one of my college roommates, April Diaz and following her adoption story as she and her husband adopted 2 kiddos from Ethiopia.

I recently watched China's Lost Girls, a National Geographic Special with Lisa Ling, and it was very touching,
and even Christopher was watching the kids in the video- like he was interested in what they were doing.
But as Karen said on the DVD, maybe God's not leading me to adopt, or not just yet, because we are in no way financially ready- but then are you ever financially ready for a child?

But maybe God has brought you beside people who are called to adopt in order to pray for them- like my friend April who, although I know it's been such a struggle for her, wouldn't trade those two precious children in for the world! There are ups and downs with raising any and all children!

Maybe God has placed on your heart being able to financially help someone else adopt, not for us, yet.

I guess if God wants us to adopt he will open the doors and show us He wants us to do it... to take that step of faith and follow Him through it. Maybe He is showing me that, and preparing the way for my husband to follow me, although both of us know now is not the right time.

I will not leave you all alone like orphans; 
I will come back to you.  
John 14:8 NCV

So it is my prayer, one day, that we will be able to adopt either from another country, or one from our own- to give my son a brother or sister that he needs and would love! 

God is not done with our little family, 

I hope and pray to add a little girl one day!


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