Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter is coming!

Although Easter isn't for almost another month, April 24, 2011 to be exact. I found these cute little bunnies here. Mine are a little different, as I didn't have any pink pompoms laying around the house. But using what I did have around, I think they turned out pretty cute! Even hubby said so! The one on the left is actually a cloth diaper from when my little boy was in diapers, it worked just as good!

 These are some of the decorations I put up earlier this week! Just a little bit of curling ribbon and some plastic eggs that have holes on the top and you have yourself the easiest Easter decoration ever! I have some individual eggs hung all over our front room, just for fun! They were fun to put together and so easy and simple!
 The ducks like to look out the window... one of my many finds at Target after Easter one year, long before I had a child- mostly for the point of my duck- themed bathroom.

Happy designing and crafting... I'm having a blast!


  1. Your bunnies are too cute!!! I love the little pink heart nose! Thanks for linking back to me!

    Have a great day!