Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Pie!

 Matthew Streeter and my son sitting on the pig at The Machine Shed Restaurant in Des Moines!
 The birthday Pie with no whip cream and ice cream on the side, just sung to by the waiters/ waitresses at The Machine Shed Restaurant in Des Moines. The ice cream I shared with my 2 favorite boys, and the pie was delicious!
 Taking photos at the Park while my son played one warm(er) February day this week.
 My child, who won't hold still for 2 seconds to get a photo!
 He has so much energy some days.... he wears us both out! My two favorite men in my life!
My hubby, who works hard, so I can stay home with our son! It's hard to believe we've been 'together' for almost a decade already. In May we will celebrate 9 years of marriage!

Taking a photo of the High School from the park we were at.

I am taking it all in that I'm 32 years old, but enjoying the thought of being somewhere tropical on or near my birthday next year! My parents are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and are taking the whole family on a cruise- yes,  kids are included!


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