Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm in Charge of What?

This is a video of my dad, my nephew Aidan, and my son Christopher, my other nephew comes in at the end. 
This is a clue in how the week went..... granted this was taken BEFORE we accidentally lost the little one at the mall, and we were so thankful that a nice lady brought him back because he had gone all the way to the end of a hallway where we could NOT see him. We are also lucky that he was willing to go with the lady and not throw an almost 2 year old fit! 

Our trip home was interesting to say the least, and I'm about to share with you a little TMI, so if you don't want to hear it, stop reading.

My son, Christopher doesn't poop but once every 3 days, usually, at HOME. But we weren't at home, we were at his cousin's house in Minnesota. So we were up there all week and I couldn't remember the last time he had gone- was it Sunday morning? or before that? Geesh, I know, I'm a bad mom! So I called the pediatrician on Friday morning. The nurse said to try to give him prune juice- yum! We were able to get him to drink about a cupful by mixing it with Orange juice and even a little Vemma. Keep in mind, I was leaving Saturday. Whoops. I'm not going to do that again! The kid waited until the second rest stop in Iowa to go- painful crying all the way, when he wasn't sleeping (which he did for about an hour and a half)! He was crying "Mommy, hold me." I felt so bad for him, because it had been almost a week! But he finally went in the rest stop, and yes, made a mess in the process in his pants. Quick change of the diaper and using the last of my wipes, we were back on the road after I put on a new pair of pants. This incident has since made me think about what goes into the diaper bag we have. We no longer need an extra shirt for mom or dad, but an extra pair of pants for the little boy!

We are doing fine, and then I call my husband to tell him I'm getting on the homestretch road that will take me all the way to our town, and as soon as I hang up with him I hear crying in the backseat. I realized he had just thrown up! Great, what else can go amiss? I pull over, clean him up- and realize I'm out of pants for this poor kid, they are all shoved in the trunk in a garbage bag because they are all dirty clothes. So I strip him down to his diaper and cover him with a towel (just in case he does it again)... and bring him on home! Then when he gets home he's running around saying he's "Naked Boy!" I told him that once in the car... ONCE! I knew after he had thrown up he was feeling better because he was talking more. It's not like him to get car sick, so I'm not sure what happened.

All is well now, and we are adjusting back to our schedule and sleeping and playing on our own has been a struggle all week!


  1. Sounds like a very INTERESTING trip! Wow! Glad you survived!