Friday, January 28, 2011

TV time and Frosting Kid!

So because we broke down and bought a new TV- one that's a flat panel, I know we were like sooo in the dark ages! Anyway, I realized we'd been watching to much TV, so I made this little chart with all of my son's choices for the day on the right. He gets one choice per day- most of the shows are just 30 min. long, except Seasame Street- but that's usually all educational. We are trying to get back to doing the No TV on Tuesdays again this year, so Tuesday he doesn't get a choice. 
Saturday is left blank because I'm not sure when the shows are on, and not that it matters anyway because daddy doesn't work on Saturdays, so he needs to spend quality time with dear old dad! Sundays are really busy so he doesn't get a whole lot of TV time anyway, so I didn't even include that in the chart. I just printed out a Word document with Monday - Saturday one one side and space for the 'schedule.' This is genius because the programs are on card stock and the times and type of programs can change from season to season- so all I'll do is change what needs to be changed and print out another sheet. 
So far it's worked, and despite a quick change Friday morning to get the TV on soon and a minor fit because the show he had originally chosen was on after the one he did the quick-change with we are doing good. After breakfast we went right to his chart to see what he had choosen the day before. For obvious reasons I have nothing on there before 8am, and nothing after 6pm- because that's mommy and daddy's TV time, where we sit down and watch TV together some nights. 

This is an 8 min. video of some of the things we did yesterday! It's cute and I had fun making it, the problem comes when he wants to 'see myself' on the computer over and over and over!!! So far the video has gotten 22 views, and I'm sure at least 4 of those are Christopher wanting to watch himself!!! To funny!

I knew it was to quite when I was in the living room yesterday doing something quick on the computer and had my music on and Christopher left the room and it was super quiet for a long time. I wrapped up what I was doing on the computer and went into the dining room to find this lovely face! At least he helped himself to a spoon and actually sat down at the table... it could have been much worse that it was! Watch the video and you'll find out what happens! 


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