Friday, January 21, 2011

A Parking Garage and Ames, Iowa

We did something fun yesterday, being cold and January and all... the day before we went to Des Moines to see my arthritis doctor and I saw a Family Fun magazine when I walked in and nabbed it ASAP! Found this craft in there... and thought what a perfect thing for a little boy to have! Find the directions to make it here. All it takes is 2 large cereal boxes and some toilet paper rolls... all of which are a constant companions in my house! Then it took a little bit of yellow and blue construction paper- a whole lot of glue and a little bit of patience and my boy has the best toy to go with all his match-box 'race cars'!

 My hubby actually thought I used paint for the yellow and painted the lines on for the parking! No, honey... do you know how messy that would have been painting with a 3 year old... I sadly have to say I do not let him paint very often. My son and I must have played with it for a good hour yesterday just sending our cars down the ramps (he has his and I have mine) and then driving the tow truck to fix the ones that "clash" and driving them over to the bottom part of the garage where they can be "fixed." It's awesome!

In other news, my son's Uncle Jimmy (my hubby's bro) decided to go back to college... Iowa State University  to be exact. He was lucky enough to find someone who needed a roommate and moved in and even qualified for some grants in less than a week! He's going to be a smart computer guy, well, he's already smart, he's finishing his degree so he can get a good job! God is good, and somebody keep an eye on my brother-in-law, because he's going places!
When we were up in Des Moines it worked out for us to go to Ames and visit him- we got to take him out to eat and we decided to go to Hickory Park Restaurant  a really yummy BBQ place there, that all the college students take their parents to when its parents weekend! We got out of the door for under $30! That's including 3 adult meals, a kids meal, and 2 ice cream desserts!

We are on letter M... learning all about Moose, Mouse and Mice, Mountains, Monkeys among other things! Fun, fun, and I was talking with a few other of my stay at home mom friends and all of us agreed that we wouldn't pass up being stay at home with our kids again! It really is great!


  1. Very cool parking garage!!! And it's hard to believe that Christopher is already! Staying at home is the best option...even though some days are long! It's great! Good luck at your speaking engagement coming up (saw it in the paper)!!