Friday, January 14, 2011

Christopher turns 3 years old!

Can't believe he turned 3... where did the time go?

We all had fun at his birthday party.. and as usual this year, I didn't take enough photos- it seems like I'm not as click happy as in 2010 for some reason. This has nothing to do with the fact that sometimes my camera acts funny- or the fact that I've taken over 20,000 photos in the 3+ years I've had my camera. I just don't feel like taking as many photos as before, weird, I know!

Buzz Lightyear, Bullseye, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and some little green aliens even showed up at Christopher's party! Oh yeah, Christopher had some real friends there as well! The cupcakes were actually fun to make, my husband and I tag-teamed on the decorating.. my job was to put the Tic-Tacs as their antenna's and hubby did the faces. I even made little sleeves for the cupcakes to go into that looked like the alien's suits!

We played pin-the-tail on Bullseye and Christopher fixed 3 of the mixed up Mr. Potato Heads!  He got lots of great presents from everyone... some he's not quite ready for- after playing Rummy with him for about 10 min. he gave up and ran away with the cards! Maybe on game night at the church he can play!

View the Birthday Photos here
3rd Birthday Party!
Now to get rid of some old toys that he doesn't play with anymore... that should be challenging!


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