Thursday, February 11, 2010

More on the Letter B

This morning my son had a very messy diaper, so I threw him in the bathtub and got the bubble machine out and we had Bath & Bubbles! He had so much fun in the bathtub, and even figured out how to turn the water on- the little stinker!
He got clean, had some fun splashing and mommy got to clean his whole body!

One time I shut off the bubble machine and to tell me he didn't want it off- he blew "hhoo, hhoo" so I would know to turn it back on!

Once we got out of the bathtub, I asked him if he wanted a banana for breakfast! He ate his banana and we had breakfast at the table together.

Once done with that he played while I did some things I needed to do.... later he walked up to me and said "apple" - from our A weeks... and then he said "cut" as I was getting it out... so I peeled and cut him an apple. Yum, Yum.

He watched Arthur and Buster while eating his apple! Love all the A's and the B's going on in this house.

Before his bath we took the time to go to and played the "B" and went back and did the letter "A"... those are so much fun and I can't wait to get his own computer set up- from his Aunt Vicky's work- it's an old imac, but will work great for what he'll need it for. We also did the ABC song on Starfall, which is great because the guy singing it doesn't just say the letters, he also says the letter sounds!

Next week is the letter C, so I have to decide which way to go with that... Cat, Car, Cut, Computer, Cookie (he can say all those words except for Computer)!

To wrap up our B morning it looked like this: B on the computer, Bath & Bubbles, Banana for Breakfast and he got to watch Buster... all part of being a boy!

Oh yeah, and frequently throughout the day he will say "backpack"


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