Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas & New Years

Christmas family event was unexpectedly, at the last moment was held at my house- due to road conditions on the gravel road out the farm being "ify". I was able to pick up the massive amount of toys strewn all about the room that the Christmas tree was in and in our living room. It was really good to have everyone over, and I know Christopher enjoyed having some of his Aunt Vicky and Uncle Mike stay at our house for two nights and of course Uncle Jimmy stayed a couple of nights as well. We opened our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve and did stockings on Christmas morning, and a few more presents.
I was sad that I didn't get anything in my stocking from Santa, so I guess I haven't been good this year! I guess I'll have to work harder at being good in 2010!
New Year's was rung in with some different family members- and we were able to have that party out at the farm. Tons of food, a few games, and Wii was what the night entailed. I rang in the New Year and new century in the basement playing the Wii with a five year old and Christopher playing around us (he's to little to play). Oh yeah- and my hubby was sound asleep on the floor not far by! Happy New Year to me.... hmmm... I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come in the next 10 years!
I have set some lofty goals for myself in this coming new year, but I believe I can accomplish them! One of them is to loose weight- which is going to be a challenge, but I need to do it to stay healthy and to keep up with Christopher! I've already done a round of Wii Fit Plus at the farm and it's fun and challenging, but sometimes hard to do with Christopher underfoot so I'm going to have to get creative to loose my extra poundage!
Another goal I have is to have a weekly schedule (like I would at a regular job) and to stick with it. So Christopher and I can stick to a schedule and I'm not up all hours of the night because I take naps in the middle of the day! Some of the things I plan on doing on a weekly basis are paying bills (ugh), laundry, dishes by hand (ugh), cleaning bathrooms (double ugh), and taking out the trash. I even made up a schedule for Christopher to follow- not that he will follow it yet, but someday I'd like to get to the point where he has a daily schedule and knows what comes next. It will be more of an adjustment for me than for him, because the only thing that I have really added to his schedule is a "potty time" slot before breakfast, before lunch, after nap time, etc. So hopefully he will catch on to that as well, so I guess that's a New Year's Goal for Christopher- is to be potty trained by the end of the year, which would be great!
Granted I know schedules have to have some flexibility and that will be allowed, such as if he has a play-date come over or goes to someone's house for a play-date. It's also understandable if we decide to take a day and go to the zoo in Des Moines (this Spring!!) or to the Children's Museum in Iowa City- both of which we need to do with him.
So 2010 has a lot of possibilities and some high expectations, but they need to be done, and I need to stop being so lazy (which I've been of late)!


  1. Enjoyed your Christmas letter. Best of luck with the goals!

  2. Okay, somehow I just realized you had a blog. Thanks for your Christmas card!