Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Time

As Christmas is a week away... I think I am ready. I keep asking myself and all my friends where did the month of December go?

But Christopher and I have been reading the Advent Calendar that my parents got us for Christmas almost every day- sometimes we accidentally miss one day, then we read 2 days. But I keep asking him to find the baby.. and he points to the baby in the manger, Jesus. He finds the baby and he likes to point to the train- he loves trains.

Speaking of trains, Christopher likes trains so much he likes to ride on the one his grandpa made him, made solidly out of wood. Of course the back wheel broke this week- between him sitting on it- that's 30 pounds of solid Christopher! Plus the hook on the back of the train engine, which lets the engine hook up to the other cars that Grandpa also made doesn't have a whole lot of room to screw into the wood- so when it was all the way in it didn't let the back wheel turn- and when the wheel did turn it weakened the axle. So along comes my son... and he likes to ride on all of his toys- whether they are meant to be rode on or not! So needless to say the train is up- out of reach until we can get the back wheel axle fixed.

Santa already came to our house- in form of a Netbook, sort of like a notebook, but smaller and no cd/dvd drive. It's super fast and has a web cam installed above the screen. We've been told it's not as good as the other webcam we have, but that's okay, because we can use the webcam with the netbook to make it super! Our notebook computer was getting slower and slower and since we got Herbie (that's what we named the Netbook) the laptop has sat on the table where it sits and hasn't been used.
We got a good deal on a Netbook that usually runs $330 + and we only paid $299. It isnt' a great savings, but it's a lot faster than our other computer! So this item is my Christmas present for this year- I'm not complaing because last year I got an ipod nano- orange that Roy had engraved with "To my only love..... Sarah" on the back.

The tree is up, the stockings are hung.... and a few of Christopher's presents are wrapped- but not under the tree- mind you. Mommy is to smart to let that happen this year- this boy knows how to open presents lickety- split!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as we will have Christmas at the farm Christmas Eve with family and open our stockings Christmas Day!

May God Bless you this Holiday season, and remember the true reason and meaning of Christmas! See this video, it's very well put together and the meaning of it is even better!



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