Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another loss.....

So Thursday we found out the company my husband works for laid off 29 more people. Not good news. My husband is in that handful of 29 people. Until further notice. No more getting up at 7:15 to be at work by 8am. I guess that could be a good thing. He really likes it there, they have treated him with so much respect for family and they've been good to him in the past 13 months he's worked with the company.

We are blessed that he was not laid off on the first or second round of lay-offs- especially because he was the "newbie" in his department. But God has been good to us in that laying off those two other people (both of whom had worked there for 10 years) gave us a little more financial cushioning for where we stand now.

Now he'll have lots of time to spend with our happy-go-lucky 18 month old (almost 19)! He'll also have plenty of projects to do around the house that he's been wanting to do, but hasn't had the time. It wasn't bad these past few months of him being laid off every 2 weeks- just keeping track of when he worked and when he didn't was sort of annoying.

I've encouraged him, already, to apply at other companies, to which he's said "Yes, dear."
This means he wants to see how things go for the first couple of weeks. He's also said that any job he would accept, would have to hire him on the knowledge of whenever he gets "called back" to his old job, he would go back, full time. His heart is there, and that's a good, very loyal thing.

The President of the company sees that we are right on the edge of the recession- people are on the fence about to buy large ticket items.

He'll be one of the first people called back when things get better, hopefully- and somehow we'll make it. God will make sure of that, even if things look pretty tough right now! Life goes on and God has a reason for this layoff- even if we have no idea why!!


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