Monday, July 27, 2009

Website frustrations

I am designing this website for an organization I'm volunteering for... but the server company won't give up the old site. I figured this out quickly, but it doesn't even seem like they are willing to work with me on this. I have to have 3 specific things to take the site down. (User email, user password, and last 4 digits of credit card used)

They won't even tell me how much time is left on the contract. I understand that they don't want just any old person calling and telling them they are with the company/organization and we need to take down our website- so someones website doesn't get accidentally taken down.

But the three things they are asking for I do not have access to. I do not know the person who was webmaster before, so I'm not even sure if this person has received my emails requesting this information that I need to proceed.

Alas, the website is not done, but for some reason I know that this server thing will take a while.
My husband has encouraged me to take different routes, contact different people to help get it done- while I'm all for that, it's frustrating, because I want to get the old site down and at least part of the new site up!

I will not, however go with that server company, I have learned much from the little that I have had to work with them.... it's not called 24/7 customer service.... I believe it's really called customer no service. Oh well. How is it a 24/7 1-800 number if you have to leave a message twice in one day and they still don't call you back- I got technically cut off- I was not happy. The other day I called this company, who shall remain nameless, and the lady sounded like she was 1. in India, and 2. half asleep. I guess I was calling in the middle of the day my time, so it would have been night time in India.

I'll figure something out, or just keep on working on the design part and ask for help later on the server later....... maybe closer to the launch date.


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