Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy Days

So my husband says I'm more grouchy and irratable lately. Could it be that he got laid off from his job less than a week ago? Could it be that it seems to me that he gets nothing done he wants to do around the house? Could it be my monthly cycle is all out of wack? Could it be my 19 month old seems to get into everything he's not supposed to these days?


I love it how people from the church, family members, and other assorted people automatically think my husband is available now for their beck and call. Don't get me wrong- I love the people at our church, and I love his family (most of the time). But do they ever think that things need to be done around here? Nope, nor do they ask.

We've had a kitchen faucet that can be replaced for 2 years we've had a new one in the box on the kitchen counter- but since the one we have now is not broken- it's not a priority.

We've had our son in his room for a good 6 months now- which is not completely finished- just a few blue circles need to be painted on the wall.

We painted the ceiling of our front porch earlier this summer and took off the loose paint on the railings around the porch as well. They need painted- I did one short railing and then he said it needed another coat of paint. Good thing it's white and nothing special!

Oh well... the list is long, but I need to go.... that's all for my ranting for today!


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