Saturday, July 25, 2009


In case you don't live in Iowa, RAGBRI stands for (The Des Moines) Register's Annual Great Bike Ride accross Iowa. The route this year was announced back in April, or something like that, but it didn't actually come through town until this past week.

Nine people stayed at our house, in our backyard when they were here. They were all polite, and all nice people- I'd host that team from Ames again if RAGBRI ever comes through my city again.

They were all very appreciative of whatever we offered them- a hot shower- a place to pitch their tents, welcome gifts from the town welcoming committee with gifts inside each one, and water.
Good conversation surrounded the table- and the kids got to go swimming in the pool.

Directions were always needed to one thing or another in town and not being originally from here, it gave me a challenge I think I lived up to - at least I hope I got them to where they needed to go!

I understood being away from home for a week, butI can't imagine riding my bike for 75 miles each day, sometimes more, sometimes less. But was happy to supply them with needed electricity to plug in cell phones that needed charged, a computer that needed power, and even ketchup and mustard for their burgers! Not a problem at all.

Closer to the heart of where the rest of the campers were staying was a whole lot of hubbub, my husband was busy setting up the fencing for the beer garden all week- with a little help, but when it came to clean up and take down of the fencing- little help was to be found. What happened? Friday people had to go to work, and then it turned into Friday night, I guess.... Luckily we called on some friends and they were able to help him. Even if for just a little bit- it's done now and he didn't kill himself in order to get it done. The heat didn't help, neither did the sun, but with plenty of sunscreen on he headed out by 10am, and didn't get home until 8pm that night. Gratefull for the extra help that I had called on... between the two of us we easily called 10 people, all of whom were busy or working.

But, all in all, I think RAGBRI coming through town was sucessful- even with the rain shower that hit in the early evening.... I guess that's part of living in Iowa!

I didn't ride on the trail, but the next day I was sore all over.... guess that's part of getting older!


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