Sunday, February 23, 2014

Growing a baby!

So it's been fun to see this transformation.
Here I am at 14 weeks, 20 weeks, 22 weeks and 24 weeks. 

Considering the last one - the 24 week photo- was taken just a week ago, I know I have a lot more of this pregnancy to go- only 101 days left until June 4th!

I was given baby girl clothes from a friend of mine, mostly 6 month to 12 months clothing, but it's now in a large tub in our living room. It's a start, and it's more than I had, because before she gave me a whole tub worth of clothing, I had like one outfit. But this baby girl is on her way!

It's fun to feel her kicking and squirming inside of me. Her kicks are getting stronger by the day.

In other news, my six year old is enjoying mommy time and lots of cuddle time with mommy before the baby comes! He is becoming a really great reader, and is actually trying to read my words as I type this. He is good with the small words, but he is making me read this as I type. He is such a good boy and is enjoying Kindergarten and his little class of 7.

I have to go take a little boy to bed, who apparently is informing me of why he colored (with crayons) on the floor at church - this should be an interesting story.


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