Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dinosaur Party

The invite (my own design), 
the line on the upper right is a place for him to write his friends' name.  

I had to delay the party for a week, because of Christmas break and before Christmas break I really didn't have time to prepare and get ready, plus I thought I'd be a nice person and not give parents only a few days notice. 

My 6 year old with his cake, before all his friends arrived. 

The cake. It was supposed to be shaped like a dinosaur, like something you would see on Cake Boss, but someone (she who shall remain nameless) dropped 1/2 a pan of cake batter into the oven as she was putting the cake pan in. What a mess! It took about an hour to clean up, the night before the party. Maybe that'll never happen again!

The kids at the party making some drawings, using stencils of dinosaurs. 

Game Time: putting together a dinosaur skeleton! 

I got the download from this website: T-Rex Skeleton 

Trying to match the pieces to the picture. 

Here he is at the party, with his dinosaur hat on! Gotta love The Dollar Tree for the hat! 
The boys had a little bit to much fun talking about the dinosaur poop on the cake- 
this was all started by dad. Then the lemonade turned into dinosaur pee. 
You never can get boys off bodily function topic, can you? 

Another game- tie a string to a balloon, and then loop the balloon around one ankle. Now try to pop each other's balloons. It was crazy and the girl of the group even one the first round! 

A friend and the birthday boy take a break from running around the gym. 

These kids are adorable! 

All 6 kids together. 

I ordered some dinosaur decals from Oriental Trading Company

Dad said to the kids "what? Is there something wrong with my ear?" 

The kids wore Dinosaur Feet, made from foam sheets. Get the template here
I also added 'dinosaur toenails'.

For Directional Signs, I used this. 
My son wanted the dinosaur happy! 

The next thing to work on is the Thank You cards. 

Please let me know if you use any of my things for your Dino Party! 

A fun time was had by all at our party! 


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