Thursday, August 30, 2012

Women of Faith

I have been scrimping and saving for the past 6 months in order to go to this event. I've never been to a Women of Faith, and I'm so glad I went. When I left Saturday night, my heart was so full. Full of the love of God, full of the love of my sisters, friends, and family that joined me in Wells Fargo for a day and a half of marvelous worship, speakers, and a few concerts. Lots of laughs and it felt like a bucket of tears! Blessed.

My mother-in-law said I should go, and it turned out that she wasn't able to go, so it was weird without her there, but I did not miss her breathing machine Friday night. I didn't get much sleep, but that was because I forgot my earplugs. Weird hotel room, not sleeping next to the hubby and a sister-in-law who warned me she snores. LOUD. I love her, I truly do, and I'm so thankful she has joined our family. I disliked the snoring, though. I threw 2 pillows at her sometime during the night. I told myself I was doing it in love.If she would have been sleeping in my bed, I would have kicked her.Hard. But, I'm still Blessed.

Three sisters in the Lord. Vicky, Suzi and Sarah (me). 

Our group had about 80-some ladies from 4 different states. Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. I thought it was pretty cool, because in our group I could wave my one arm and two rows would all be family of some kind! Most of whom my mother-in-law invited them to come. Because she was unable to go, she was able to bless someone with a ticket, a hotel room and even a t-shirt and Saturday's lunch of someone who wouldn't been able to afford it. Blessed.

I was blessed by the speakers and bought a book for my mother-in-law, hopefully she'll enjoy the book and share it with me when she's done with it! I bought Angie Smith's book 'Broken' and even got her to sign it, and got my picture taken with her. I also bought Selah's new CD and have been listening to it (in the car, at the church) since I returned. Blessed.


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