Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Gothic

Last Wednesday a friend and I went over to the American Gothic House not far from our home. Her daughter L and my son C had a fun adventure day- the first of many throughout the summer, hopefully. Our plans include going to fun places that the kids will enjoy like Des Moines, Iowa area attractions: Blank Park Zoo, Science Center, Living History Farms- so stay tuned for more adventures with C & L! Our plan is to take the kids once a month somewhere fun, outside of our town, preferably cheap or free- for the big events we are saving up our money! 

Wednesday we made a short day of it and went through the Gothic House Welcome Center, dressed up the kids- gave my son a pitch fork! Yikes, what was I thinking? He did pretty good, and he didn't even poke anybody with it when he was holding it. The day started out cold and we were unsure if it was going to rain or not, but after our picnic at the local park, it turned out pretty nice!

 This photo is the kids in a wooden truck near the old train depot. There's a wooden train, and a wooden truck, and a wooden tractor. L loves trains just as much, if not more, than C does, so they were both pretty happy. Next time, C said "we have to eat on the ground" instead of at the picnic table, because that's what picnics are all about aren't they? We had a great day, with great friends!

The mommies had some fun of their own, looking for another geocache in the area. We found it, after a while of looking. The kids helped a little, and were perfectly okay with sticking their little hands in places to look for the cache that they probably shouldn't have been doing, but only because of all the wasps in the area. Grrr. If you don't know, I'm a geocacher- read all about more of my geocaching adventures on this post.

Is it summer, already? Let the adventures begin!


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