Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding Shower

My brother in law is getting married on Feburary 4, 2012- yikes! So while the happy couple took some vacation/ school break time off my mother-in-law and I decided to throw his fiancĂ© a bridal shower last Friday. 

The theme was "Bed Bath & Bridal Shower" My husband, the great designer of our family did a paradox of the Bed, Bath & Beyond logo.   The idea behind this was that the couple doesn't have a full or queen size mattress set, so if people didn't want to give a traditional gift they could bring money to contribute to a mattress fund. It was a great idea, and it worked out great- one gift came with crumpled up cash ($1 dollar bills) in a puzzle box! The bride was very excited about that 700 piece puzzle!
 The banner I made- it looks great!  The font is MTF Chubb and I found it over at MissTina.com for free!
 I downloaded this free print from eighteen25 and ordered the canvas from The Canvas People. The print looks red on screen, but when it came it looked more orange-red, but that's okay because both the bride and I love orange! This was my gift to them.

 My mother-in-law made a little bed underneath the gift table and the red blanket is a reversible comforter for when they do get their bed. The bears were from the church nursery! 
 The punch had to be the right color- Dark red, so I mixed Cranberry Apple with 7up and bingo!
 This was well thought out Ice Cream Sandwich "Mattress" Cake my husband made- man, he's talented! We like watching Cake Boss, so he pulled a 'Buddy'. Ice cream sandwiches followed by Cool whip topping, followed by more ice cream sandwiches and  let that harden over night. Then rolled out the fondant and covered it all, shaped it, and even used a little tool I picked up at Wal-Mart to make it look like there's a quilt on the bed, a little bit of white frosting beading and frosting ruffles at the bottom. He took the time to make pillows out of fondant as well. The headboard is graham crackers covered in fondant and black lettering for the bride and grooms first names. It had to be done in several steps otherwise the cake would have melted, but it turned out great and was a big hit at the party- despite it being December 29th in Iowa! 
 For those who didn't want punch or wanted to warm up after eating their cake there was hot chocolate available.
 When my mother-in-law got married a few years ago I created this 'Love' design from 1 Corinthians 13, so we were able to use this for decoration.
The sign-in table with a basket for cards, a photo of the couple, a candle in a mason jar, some roses, a Mr. & Mrs. sign, and something to write advice/ recipes on. 

 The gift table with a few gifts on it, the photos of the couple when they were younger, the "tub" container we used for decoration was also a gift for the couple. I even took an old velvet heart that my hubby gave me once full of chocolates was now used as decoration. 
 I had these old shower curtains in my basement and hung them up so as people came into the fellowship hall they could feel like they were walking into a shower. 
Two unsuspecting guys who were volunteered by the best mans mother to participate in the festivity.... of you guessed it- toilet paper dress making. I'll spare you the photos, because truthfully I might have a very mad hubby on my hands, and a not happy brother-in-law! But the bride voted and actually chose my husband as having the best designed dress. 
The bride got tons of laughs from having the boys dress up! I think she had fun- it was a great way to wrap up 2011. While it wasn't New Year's Eve, it was the best bridal party I'd been to in a while! 


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