Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pirate Party

 My son turned 4 on January 10th. It's hard to believe where my little 'baby' went and every time I ask him that he says "I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy!" Yes, you are! *sigh*

The banner came from
 I used the invites from there as well.

 The first thing the kids got to do was go outside (in the cold and snow) and search for a treasure. Earlier in the week, my son and I made treasure maps using paper, tea water and crayons to help the kids find 'X marks the spot'- inside the treasure box (spray painted to look like a treasure box) was their gift bags with their names on them. They thought it was great! The treasure box was 'hidden' under a tree in the front of the building. I used these signs on the box to keep everyone but our little pirates out, it wasn't out there very long, so it worked!

 Great photo of almost all the kids- we had two younger ones that were with parents off to the side. Birthday boy is the one with the black pirate hat on. I made the spyglass and hooks from pirate play date. The patches, bags, and bubbles (they were in the bag) all came from Aren't their outfits great? The hooks and spyglasses really help!

The cake, the idea for the cake came from,we added the sand (brown sugar), and his shirt came from JC Penny's. I made his necklace- the kids also got beaded necklaces or bracelets that I made them in their gift bags! What's a pirate without jewelry?

One of his gifts was a black sled- all the kids jumped in and it was immediately a pirate ship-- arrrggh!! Great gift!  Complete with straws and spoons for swords would make any pirate proud!

 The kids played 'Pin the Flag' on the Pirate Ship- you can see how well that turned out! Some were blindfolded and some were not.  I found the ship clip art online, and spruced it up a bit by adding color. Download my version here. Download the Jolly Roger flags here.

 I found some Pirate Talk words online and put it in a frame (no glass) and used a snorkel mask for decoration.  Download the Pirate Talk sheet here.

The pirate treasure maps were put in a glass jar half full of sand, the treasure maps were crumpled up, then laid flat, rolled and tied with string. The kids are playing a pirate board game I found that's part of a Pirate Preschool Lapbook over at Homeschool Creations while the pizza was cooling.

The birthday boy and his daddy, while an empolyee gets the whole restaurant to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him!  This is the one time I told my husband it would be okay to wear that holy shirt in public! He looked great!

Awesome party, thanks for coming everyone! My son had a blast and I had fun making everything! 


  1. Great ideas and cool stuff made at the party! :) Great job! Happy Birthday Christopher!