Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Potty Training is tough....

So round 2 begins of Potty training my little boy.... he's over 2 1/2 (he'll be 3 in January).
A few weeks ago my husband put actual underwear on him and took him to the potty... we proceeded to go out to my husbands mom's house (the farm). Shortly after we got there he wet his pants- my son then proceeded to complain that it was cold! My husband wanted him to experience this... and my son did! Good thing for Grandmas who always have extra clothing for little boys!

This photo was taken at the exact time he was going, or at least about to go... can you see the concentration on his face? The interesting thing is that his dad wore those bibs when he was his age... yes my mother in law keeps stuff like that, and no, I don't know why... but I think it's nice to have some things from my husbands childhood that my son can now wear- which I know is rare, considering my husband has a younger brother and I'm sure both boys wore their clothes out... living on a farm might do that!

I was very productive the other day and printed out this Thomas & Friends Potty Training Chart, since my son loves all things Thomas! I then searched the internet high and low for some sort of stickers that I could use on my sticker paper I have to correspond to the chart I printed off.. (silly me thinking that this would motivate him.) At last I decided... why not make the stickers yourself? I have the skills and programs, everything I need to make a sheet of stickers for my little boy. So here are the corresponding stickers to go with the chart. I printed mine on clear sticker paper, but you could use white as well. So far, he's earned 2 stickers, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Hopefully he'll earn more in the coming days!

We are studying the letter I this week and probably next week too, and it's pretty hard to find books that have anything pertaining to the letter 'I'... but I've started with Iowa, Insects, Igloo, Ice Cream. We loved this book: H is for Hawkeye... an Iowa Alphabet whatever I can get, sometimes I have to take! Plus, learning about a state I didn't grow up in it's fun to learn right along with Christopher! I grew up in Minnesota, so I know a lot about that state from growing up, but I've only learned what I know about Iowa in the 8+ years I've lived here.
Here's to the cutest kid in the universe! Being awesome on a day I decided to torture him and take him to the park for pictures, but not very long at the playground to play (it was lunch and nap time)! He's growing up so fast and there's nothing I can do to stop it!


  1. I like this...great pics, too.

  2. Great stickers and chart! I hope it works well and FAST! :) Thanks for the coming to the game the other night! Enjoy this nice weather!

  3. love that last picture - he's a looker!