Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun!

My husband decided to dress up for work for Halloween at the last minute. He put this outfit together Thursday night for Friday morning. Yes, he shaved his goatee... this is how I met him 10+ years ago.... with no facial hair. Now, it's like a blast from my past every time I look at him. He looks so much younger. Yes, he's dressed as Bob the Builder.... because our son is Bob the Builder too!
Stephen (my son's friend) as Super Stephen and Christopher as Bob the Builder at the local PAT playgroup earlier this week. Christopher was not at all thrilled with having his picture taken... at least his friend was there to sit next to him, otherwise he wouldn't have been up there at all! It was fun, Kathy read a story to us, we did a craft or two, watching pre-schoolers play a version of musical chairs was hilarious. I loved the part when Christopher... deciding to opt-out most of the time, jumped in between the gap of the other children walking around the chairs, and with his hammer, he precisely hammered 3 bangs on one of the chairs, then jumped out of there before the other kids ran into him! Apparently, he had to 'fix' on of the chairs, as only Bob could do! We made a decoupage pumpkin this week, yes... it took all week, and no, it's not quite done yet. It's hard to tell an almost 3 year old little boy who loves to paint that he couldn't paint the 'pumpkin' on the first day, because at that point it was just a balloon! When we are done it will be a Jack-o-Lantern... for our last 2 weeks of the letter 'J' we have studied the topics: Jump, Jellybeans, Jack-o-Lanterns, Jets, etc.

Studying the letter J.... Jellyfish, Jet, Jack and Jill, Joker, Jack-o-Lanterns.... plus we read this book: Moonstruck: The True Story of the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon.... then I took paper plates and cut them the shape of the moon and we practiced jumping over the moons like the cow in the book!

The Jack-o-Lantern Christopher made at the PAT playgroup!

Some stickers he got at the PAT playgroup... that we used the next day! Mixed in with his ghost stamp he loves and wants to have all the time! As you can see, he grouped the pumpkins... the top group has more than one pumpkin on the sticker, the left group are the single, round pumpkins, and the right group are the pumpkins that have cats or dogs next to them or on them. Smart kid... he did this all on his own.

He colored his Jet red and black!


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