Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Goes On

So, I've been a busy mommy! I have successfully organized and supported Olan Mills coming to our church to get portraits done. It was a busy 2 months of April and May! I am still working on the final design of the church directory that everyone will get for participating. I am anxiously awaiting our family portraits and still deciding where to place them on my walls....

Where did the month of May go? Some years it seems like I always want May to last just a little longer because I know when June and July hit it's going to be HOT!!! But I shouldn't say that this year, because come the end of May we did put the air conditioner in my little boy's window- haven't gotten the one in our bedroom window in yet. That was supposed to be done this weekend by the hubby... but we were out 'playing' at the farm this weekend. His mom's place, where he grew up, and usually when he goes out there he isn't playing- he's working- I'm playing :)

I enjoy the farm, but this past Monday (Memorial Day) I would have chosen to be anywhere else other than the farm. You see, earlier this spring, my mother-in-law thought it would be a good idea to get some meat maker chickens. Great, except she bought like over 50 of them! So this past weekend was D-day for some of the chickens... the rest are having their day soon! I don't have a very strong stomach, I have never claimed to and so I watched the kid and a friend of ours kid while she was helping with the chickens. I didn't enjoy going over to grab my child from the hen house area when there were (excuse me- if I get kind of graphic here) chicken heads laying on the ground. It just didn't seem appropriate that my child be in there at the time. He went in there because he enjoys helping grandma feed and water the chickens, and putting down new sawdust. I walked back to where it was okay for them to play- and of course I gagged. Twice. Not fun. I don't enjoy doing this, it's something that my body has done more frequently since I had my son. Road kill... don't think about it or the gagging reflex will happen.

I was lucky- the first day they did the chickens- I was absent- I was home. The second day they did chicken... not so lucky- I saw way to much- and mind you that's why I'm not posting any photos- because I didn't even Feel like taking my camera out during that day- to disgusting to even get chicken feet in the background of my son playing.

The way I would have rather spent Memorial Day? Driving around to grave yard sites of my husbands ancestors. Don't ask me how that's different and better- but it is. I enjoy genealogy(when I find the time)... I enjoy taking photos of grave markers and maybe I should have done that with my son anyway and placed some flowers on his grandfather's grave- a man I never met. A veteran. A dad. Now a grandfather. A husband. A hard-working man.

So here's to the father-in-law I never met: thanks for serving your country, thanks for being a dad to my husband, and a husband to his mom, thanks for taking care of the farmland we all love so much, I wish I could have met you- hopefully I'll meet you in Heaven one day.

Clifford Duane Howk
Born December 31, 1949
Died March 25, 1999

Buried: Zion Community Church of God Cometary on Copperhead Road


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