Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old Mail

Sorting through some old mail today on our overgrown mail center I find this letter from Google.... I love mail from Google..... only because we have our own business we are wanting to start.

But low and behold... it's a historic day for Royall Design, because we are a Favorite Place on Google! Little old Royall Design has become a Favorite Place- not that we've had any business from this, mind you- but the statistics say that our business has been searched for some 129 times... and directions have been asked to our house 39 times. Really? Because these people aren't showing up at our house! Not for Royall Design, anyway!

Read more about it here:


Meanwhile, we've survived our "D" week of ducks, dinosaurs, "dots" on our capital D, and even a half coloring page of Diego made it on our letter wall.... it's on to the letter "E" and I have found out that the local library will be closed for the whole month of April for remodeling... good and bad feelings about this! No story time in April makes me sad :( How will I get my books for the weeks of up coming alphabet weeks? They said to call ahead and see if they are there or not, I guess. So that's what I'll do... or travel 30 miles to a different library for the month of April... which could be done, then I can have an excuse to go to story time in Osky and make a run to Smokey Row Coffee House!

Life goes on and Spring Break is upon us- which means longer hours for me, but it should be a fun week- for the kids we have several activities planned- swimming, roller skating, even a tour of a local fire building! The first day will be super fun because it'll be a Luau themed party! I'll have to get my water squirt guns out and all my Luau stuff from the basement- it'll be so much fun!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and although I'm not Irish, it is fun to see the kids get all excited about little leprechauns coming to 'visit' them when they aren't looking! Christopher and I get to go to a play date at a local church and will be sure to bring our bubbles and our bubble machine! He's excited about that!

Here's to a cheerful St. Patrick's Day!


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