Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is Capitol Hill ignoring 71% of Americans?

Coming home from the farm tonight, I was listening to American Family Radio AFR and heard about this.Is Capitol Hill ignoring 71% of Americans? (
It's hard to believe that a president, who was just awarded the Peace Prize doesn't even listen to 71% of the people of his country. I saw a editorial cartoon of Obama receiving the Peace Prize and someone handing it to him and saying "For NOT being George Bush."

Please remind me what Obama has done for this country..... um... given me $25 more money for my Unemployment. Most of the people around me think it's funny that Obama is going to recieve this award, because he really hasn't done anything yet!

I heard about this on the radio, and I thought I'd share the link:
I am 71%

So send in a photo with your hand written or printed text that says "I am 71" or "I am 71%" Hopefully, Obama will get the idea and take out the abortion part in the Health Care "reform" package. I will make a sign and post it my photo on here tomorrow and then upload it to their site as well!
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I even got my 21 month old son to do it- despite the sign is upside down!!!!


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