Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to Work

Well, it's been two weeks since my husband got called back to work. So... our financial situation has improved drastically. We've also made some major financial decisions..... our first one was to join the Financial Peace University class our credit union was offering.

The class was a gift from my parents last Christmas- but we hadn't had the opportunity to use it until recently!

Today we finished Baby Step #1- so we are excited about that!!! We had almost finished baby step #1 around the time he was laid off full time- that helped us get through in that emergency situation!

Health Insurance doesn't kick in for us until November 1st, even if we are going to have to pick up a majority of the costs, but at least we'll have health insurance again! So life is returning to somewhat normalcy. No more worrying if one of us gets hurt or sick "how will we pay for it?"

FPU is probably the best thing that we could have done for ourselves! We are now on a budget- sticking to it- and we feel richer already! We are going to pay off our credit cards with Gazelle Intensity! We can be debt free in 2 years or less if we put our minds to it (besides our house)!!

My problem is I like to shop! I've used most of my 'blow' money for the month (over half of it went to someone who needed the money more than I do!).

We've made financial mistakes in the past- but we are going to turn that around, and stop spending like we had been, and be debt free in no time!

Most of Americans are dragging a $450/month car payment behind the car they are driving. We are blessed we don't have that problem.... that's $450/month we don't have to worry about. Plus our car loan will be paid off in January- which means that money can go toward a credit card and we'll pay them off one by one!!!

As Dave Ramsey says:
Today I choose to....
Live like no one else so later I can Live like no one else!

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.


  1. So glad I found your blog!! :) Dave Ramsey is awesome--we do it too! Glad it is working for you. We'll be back at library tomorrow!!