Friday, September 4, 2015

New Car Old Car

So we bought a 'new' to us car. It's a 1999 Subaru Legacy wagon.

It only has 53,xxx miles on it. Not bad for being that old.

Kicking the tires of the 'new' car. 

My Toyota Camry I got in college now has 170,xxx miles on it. It's not that I couldn't drive it until it dies- because I could- it's the fact that I don't want to be stuck somewhere with 2 kids when it does decide to die. The check engine light is on- because it needs a new air filter or something.

How many people my age (mid-thirties) can honestly say they have the same car they had when they were in college? (23) not even my hubby can say that. But I can. I remember where I was when my parents called- it was just before Christmas of 2001(?)- and of course they pulled the commercial on me: honey, we bought you a CD player. Gee, that's great. Did we mention it comes with the car? Oh! Sweet!

When I first started my Camry in the parking lot of the dealership in St. Paul, Minnesota I didn't think it was running- it was so quiet compared to my old-ER one.  The old one was a 1993 Toyota Camry- and the car was loud- the muffler was loud- it was a stick shift. The new car was a 1998 Toyota Camry LE and had a 3 disc CD player in the dash. It only had 60,xxx miles on it. 
It's been a good car over the years. It followed our dating lives, into marriage, took us on our honeymoon (Arkansas), brought home both children from the hospital. It's taken us to Kentucky a few times, once for a mission trip. It's been to Chicago a few times as well- for college- followed Roy's old Ford LTD back to Iowa when we were done with college. It's taken us to Missouri on short trips and all the way past St. Louis. It's been left in St. Louis while we went on our cruise. It's taken Us up to see my brother in Minnesota. It's put up with a dirty little boy leaving stuff in it all the time- and a messy mommy. 
It's carried countless groceries, baby stuff, clothes to goodwill, a few camping trips, trips to the beach, trips to work and back, dropping kids off at daycare providers house, daycare centers, etc. 
It's been hit and banged up a few times - mind you- it doesn't look great, but it still has over 30k miles left in it- or more!   Banged the side of the car on a set of wooden steps up to my apartment. Dented the bumper numerous times. Car accident when I slammed into the side of a truck one day- replaced the front bumper for that one. Don't ask how that happened- it isn't a good memory. 
It's always been a good car, even if I haven't always been good to it. I will miss it.

What it has that the new car doesn't have: 2 power cigarette lighters (for charging phones, etc). 
Cup holders next to the parking brake. 
3 disc CD player- will miss this very much! 
The name: Toyota 
Not having a Toyota in my family will be weird. I've always had a Toyota ever since I was about CJs age (7). My parents bought an old Toyota Tercell when I was little. Then it was a Camry, then two, then my brother had an Avalon, then my mom had a Carolla, then I had this Camry, my dad now has a Toyota Truck, and my mom has a newer Carolla than her first one. Toyota's a good brand. 
My thinking on this Subaru car is that if I need to be uncomfortable for a few years, while I get out of debt- then so be it! Although having a moon roof isn't exactly low on the comfort zone- the seats aren't as comfy, and the controls are a little different. I'm getting used to them, slowly. 
So, my car is for sale. It would make any college or high school student happy. It made me happy when I was in college! 
Here's the stats on it: 1998 Toyota Camry
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