Friday, March 27, 2015

Florida 2015

This trip was different. Not only was my husband able to take the week off for vacation- we also traveled with our 9/10 month old. I say that because while we were down there she turned 10 months old.

Let me tell you- the BabyWearing trip down there was so much easier than the non- Baby wearing trip back. Due to my forgetting the Ergo at my parents house. Or mom shutting the light out and it was completely dark as I was leaving the room. 

We improvised on the plane- using my sweatshirt to zip her up in, once she was finally asleep.  You never want to be THOSE people on the plane with the screaming baby.

BabyWearing through Des Moines was so easy- I could walk down to get a coffee with both kids while hubby watched the bags. Could not have done it without him.

After we arrived- we realized the van mom and dad had picked up did not have air conditioning- so they had to go exchange it for one that did. Have you ever been in a vehicle in Florida that didn't have air? In 80 degree temperatures. So while they exchanged it for a van that did- my son and I went to the pool- while hubby stayed with the baby at the house. I knew that was the first thing my son wanted to do. 

We went to Busch Gardens on Tuesday in Florida. It was fun, and it was a big place and again- I can't tell you how many times we were thankful for leaving the stroller in the vehicle. The gondolas that can take you across the park don't allow strollers onboard.

Other people had to leave their strollers there and eventually walk back to get them- or not go on the ride at all.

Stroller city outside of one of the shows we went to. Unfortunately I couldn't keep track of the number of strollers at the park that I saw - but I could count 
the number of baby wearing people on one hand. 

If you are familiar with Baby Wearing - it's easy to do it - 
I've seen toddlers who like their 'uppy' time all the way down to newborns.
Baby Wearing honestly saved my vacation. 

Baby wears her hat while hubby wears her. 

Extra bonding time for grandma! 

There weren't that many rides that we did go on- due to the fact that our son (age 7) isn't really into roller coasters (yet). Plus he wasn't tall enough for the big ones. 
He went on a kiddie roller coaster and that was enough for him. He also went on an up and down ride that we thought he might like, but look at his face in this video. Yikes!

Day 3 (Wednesday) was filled with pool time, bike riding (while BabyWearing- but not recommended, due to the risks) around the community.

Later that same day.... 

Sleepy dust in the Ergo, I left one side of the flap off here because it was hot that day in Florida - by the end of our walk around a swamp (there was a boardwalk) I was having trouble breathing and needed a cool down - 
I choose ice cream, of course! 

Day 4 - Thursday was the day my dad and hubby got to go on a deep sea fishing expo with my parents Church. Mom and I went shopping for a few books and a toy for baby- she loved it!

More pool time, of course.

She's so close to walking! 

Day 5- Friday was filled with a day at the beach- and of course a stop at Heavenly Biscuits on Fort Myers Beach. We went to the beach for about 2 hours- hubby and I got burned by the sun. I guess what fun is Florida if you don't get a little sun? Baby girl clearly loved the beach and sand so much she decided to taste the sand. Yum.

We checked out the popular beach spot. 
But we found a little place of our own - away from the crowds. 

Just bumming on the beach.

One little boy even got buried in the sand! 

Feet in the sand - again. :) 

Grandma and baby just hanging out in the shade. 

My son and hubby got busy with a little creation of their own! 

Saturday was filled with relaxing and a mom - daughter date complete with  pedicures- maybe in a few years baby girl can join us-  a stop at Starbucks, and Wal-Mart. I realized our vacation was quickly coming to an end and we didn't make it to the beach for sunset photos. Dad went and picked up his boat. Swimming with the whole family, because we couldn't go out on the boat.

This was my Saturday, in 4 photos.

Can't forget the cheesy date selfie. Is that a phrase? 'Date Selfie'

Sunday was filled with church in the morning, lunch at Ruby Tuesdays - love their cheddar bites. Now I can say I've been to a Ruby Tuesday's. Yes, I have pinned the recipe for their cheddar bites on Pinterest already. Everyone took naps- well, half of us. The rest of them learned to play shuffleboard. Then we went to Love Boat for ice cream and headed to the beach for sunset photos.

Love Boat Ice Cream (yes, it's a real place) and they even have dairy-free sorbet flavors
(for people like me)! 

Ice Cream in cups, or cones. I like mine in waffle cones.

Mom likes chocolate on top of chocolate. 

My son. He's pretty darn cute - and growing up fast! 

A good shot. 

Love this girl and her smile! 

My mom, the award-winning author

Sunset photo, by the hubby! 

Baby waving 'bye-bye' to the ocean.  This will need to be framed.

Father and daughter. This will also need to be framed. 

My dad holding a seashell with a crab still inside. I love this photo.

Laundry was done and we packed to leave the next day- early.
Left the house the next day at 6:30am for a 9:30am flight.

Stopped by Chick-fil-A for breakfast. The last meal in Florida. 

Back to reality. 

And I'm waiting for the package from mom and dad that has my Ergo in it! Just because I left my Ergo in Florida, does not mean my baby wearing days are over. 


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